Effortless management for extraordinary results
Real-time information for easy decisions

Effortless management for extraordinary results

Decisions based on real data

Manage your gym wherever you are

You have full control over your fitness club, no matter where you are. Your business expands on its own, without you having to personally be there 24/7.

You have all the necessary tools and information to make the right decisions. You can manage your business with ease, even when you are on vacation, because you know exactly what is happening in the gym, at any moment.

Non-stop access to data

Wherever you are, you can easily keep track of your team's sales KPIs and activity.

Detailed reporting

You have access to real-time reporting, whenever you want

Total control

From product inventory to employee access, you can manage everything from UPfit.cloud

Increase revenue

Because you have all the data you need in real-time, you can make the best decisions

Mobile app custom-made for personal trainers
PT activity on your phone direct

Mobile app custom-made for personal trainers

The entire PT activity can be managed from an app on your phone: availability, scheduling, clipcard registration for sessions and so on.

Trainers can manage their activity directly from their phone, that way increasing the associated revenue and maintaining control over this activity.

Extended profile with all member info
All member details in one place

Extended profile with all member info

Keep track of the entire member activity, membership and clipcard history, as well as all the documents issued for each member.

You can create as many member profiles as you want, and there are no limitations regarding the volume of data about them. This way, you can set up personalized communications with them.

Group fitness management
Increase class attendance and results

Group fitness management

Easily manage the group fitness class schedule, whether you have one gym or more. All schedule updates are displayed in real time for members.

Members can book their classes from the app or on your website. The attendance reports can be checked at any time. That way, you know which classes are the most popular.

Keep track of your employees' activity
Complete activity history

Keep track of your employees' activity

All actions made by a user account are saved in your database for an unlimited time. No data can be erased from the platform, which means you can rest assured that you know what your employees are doing.

You have full control over the actions your employees can perform on your platform. You can check what actions were performed by a particular account, whenever you want.

Product sale without a hassle
Figure out easier which products are actually sold

Product sale without a hassle

You can sell a large number of product types at the reception desk because the entire management is extremely simple. You can keep track of inventory straight from UPfit.cloud, and the selling process is recorded in real-time.

The details regarding inventory are updated on the spot. This way, you can easily identify the most popular products and quickly make decisions regarding suppliers.

Detailed reports about every activity
Real-time data means power

Detailed reports about every activity

The reports that are available in the software cover every activity and aspect of your business: members, sales, PT activity, fitness classes, product sales, and so much more.

You don't have to contact any employee to request reports. All you have to do is log into the system, and you have access to any data you are interested in. All reports show data in real-time, which means you know your outcome.

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Top-of-the-range software for excellent results

Software that perfectly adapts to your gym's activity

Each gym is unique. That is why UPfit.cloud has a wide range of services, tools, and features that perfectly match your business.

Regardless of how you manage your gym or fitness club activity, UPfit.cloud can be customized so it's easy to use for your team and simple for your members.

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