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the platform chosen by World Class,
the leading health & fitness chain in Romania

When World Class expanded its fitness club network in Romania, it had many challenges to overcome. With its advanced features. BIZ helped optimize and improve World Class’ services.

Online scheduling for Group Fitness classes, the possibility of purchasing memberships online, effortless access to contracts and bills, the possibility of checking every detail of their membership at any given time – all these features helped World Class clubs and gave their members more control over their activities.









With we succeeded to set up our Group Fitness schedule, and our members are delighted with how simple and easy it is to book a class, straight from our website. The reception desk runs smoothly, and our entire team is very pleased with this software.

We started using this platform when we opened our third club in the 4Moving network. Our new location was quickly embedded in the system, and our teams are successfully using all’s tools that help them manage our gyms. Our members are elated with the quality of our services provided by

Since we started using, our gyms’ activity is much more streamlined. Managing our Group Fitness classes and PT sessions is a breeze, and now we finally have time to focus on what is truly important to us – providing excellent services to our members.

Introducing into our gym helped us organize and improve our results. Now everything is so much easier, from selling memberships to day to day activities. Our entire team is very pleased with our results, and with the decision of buying this software.

Our gym has many classes and trainers, and UPfit helped us manage our activity more efficiently. Now we know precisely what’s going on in our club, and our members are impressed by how fast we check-in or sell memberships.

The PRO price plan is the most popular choice among our clients.

You get 24 modules, equipment and user manuals with just 250 euro / month / gym + VAT.

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