Flexibility for excellent results
Choose what you need for your gym's activity

Flexibility for excellent results

Everything you need for your core activity

Control and streamline your gym's operations with the BASIC package

Each gym is unique, that is why UPfit.cloud has a wide range of services, tools and features that perfectly match your business.

Easily set up the software that you need starting with the BASIC package. You'll get all the features that you need to start streamlining your activity right away.

All prices shown are per club, per month and they do not include the VAT tax.

UPfit.cloud BASIC
Freedom to expand your business
75 EUR /month/gym
  • Member management
  • Membership sales
  • Fast member check-in
  • Automatic emails
  • GDPR compliance
  • Member and activity reports


Member profiles, member photos, activity and membership history


Membership sale and management, with the automatic issue of documents (invoices, contracts and so on)


Fast check-in and complete history of member activity / documents / emails

Module bundles frequently chosen by our clients

Bundles useful for certain types of gyms

We provide maximum flexibility so that you can configure the perfect system for your gym. With the help of our consultants, you can set up your package in just a few minutes. There are bundle combinations useful for certain types of gyms, like in the examples below.

Boutique studios
Perfect for yoga studios or those specialised in group fitness classes that wish to provide members with online bookings.
150EUR /month/gym

The UPfit.cloud BASIC package and:

  • Group Fitness classes
  • Online bookings for classes
  • 7Card and FITPASS integration
Medium-sized gyms
Perfect for gyms with free weights and training equipment, personal training services and group fitness classes, that wish for an easier management
205EUR /month/gym

The UPfit.cloud BASIC package and:

  • Group Fitness classes
  • Online bookings for classes
  • 7Card and FITPASS integration
  • Lockers
  • Personal training
  • Product sales (POS)
Large fitness clubs
Perfect for fitness clubs with a large number of members that want to expand by providing members with online services
285EUR /month/gym

the UPfit.cloud BASIC package and:

  • Group Fitness classes
  • Online bookings for classes
  • 7Card and FITPASS integration
  • Online member account
  • Online sales
  • Personal training
  • Product sales (POS)

Don't waste money on features that will do nothing for your bottom line

We know your gym's activity has different peculiarities. That is why we've made it easy to choose only the features you really need, and that will help you get the results you want.

Select which features you need and this way you can create a solution that matches the exact issues of your gym's activity.

Personal training

Manage trainer activity easier, schedule PT sessions faster and create trainers' schedule synced with group fitness classes. Trainers have access to the UPfit.team mobile app.

30 euro / month / gym

Group Fitness classes

Complete solution to manage easily the schedule for GROUP FITNESS classes. The module includes a reception booking module and a smart way to confirm the member class attendance when the check-in is done.

35 Eur / month / gym

Product sales (POS)

Real-time inventory management. All inventory documents are automatically generated. Sell products faster from Point of Sale. The receipt is issued automatically with cash register integration

25 euro / month / gym

Cash register integration

UPfit.cloud can be integrated with DATECS DP 25 cash registers and DATECS FP700 fiscal printers. This means that for each payment made through the software, the receipt is issued automatically

45 euro / month / gym

7Card and FITPASS integration

You can check-in 7card and FITPASS members using the software, and it generates reports on the number of check-ins. The online booking package includes services for 7card and FITPASS members as well.

15 euro / month / gym


Automatically manage locker cabinets. Each locker key is allocated in the system based on a barcode. You know exactly which member used which locker and who left with the key. Members don't have to leave personal items for the key.

10 euro / month / gym


Create different corporate contracts for each company. Set out special prices, that are displayed when selling memberships, even online, and employees are imported automatically in the database with a simple list.

35 euro / month / gym

Online bookings for classes

Sophisticated online booking system for group fitness classes. It includes a schedule widgets with the booking option. You can create a penalty system for no-shows. With the 7card and FITPASS integration, these members can also book online.

25 euro / month / gym

Mobile app for members

Members have free access to the UPfit.today app, available in App Store, Google Play and HUAWEI AppGallery. It includes online bookings, digital member card, news section, details about memberships and other features.

90 euro / month / gym

Online member account

Members can log in to their online account on your website. It includes the group fitness schedule, with online bookings, news section, details about the current membership and the gym, other info about the member's account.

45 euro / month / gym

Online sales

Online sales system, integrated with Netopia Payments. It includes a website widget for selling memberships online. It can be included in the member app and the online member account for membership sales, or in UPfit.team for clipcard sales.

35 euro / month / gym

Recurring payments

An additional module for the online payment module. Members can purchase memberships online, with recurring payment. That means each month the amount for that membership is transfered automatically from their bank account, without the involvement of your team.

55 euro / month / gym


Dedicated app for tablets for signing member contracts electronically. The signing process takes only seconds. The contract is archived electronically with all signatures. All documents are automatically emailed to members, with the signatures.

25 euro / month / gym

Online video workouts

A dedicated platform where you can publish workout videos created by your trainers. It is compatible with a wide range of video hosting platforms. The module is available only with the online member account.

30 euro / month

Live fitness classes

Live streaming system for fitness classes, compatible with different streaming platforms - ZOOM, Vimeo or WOWZA. Classes can be available for free or only to members with an active membership. This module is available only with the online member account.

40 euro / month

Marketing and retention

Dedicated marketing platform that includes sending newsletters, text messages (SMS) and push notifications through the member app. The entire content is set up in UPfit, and it doesn't require other software.

55 euro / month / gym

Access automation

Access automation system fully integrated with UPfit.cloud. Turnstiles or barriers set up at the entrance of your gym, at the reception desk, or in different areas of the gym, where access is restricted based on membership type.

35 euro / month / gym


A module that helps to manage potential clients a lot easier that doesn't require other software. It includes automated agendas for your sales team and widgets for self-registering forms for your website.

45 euro / month / gym

SPA activity

Massage and SPA services are managed easier with a dedicated module. Sessions are scheduled in a special calendar, and SPA clipcards can be set up to generate requisition forms for the materials used automatically.

45 euro / month / gym

Business Intelligence

You can easily check the real-time reports regarding sales, members evolution, members check-ins and classes bookings and attendance. In any moment you will be able to identify the problems and to supervise the club activity.

55 Eur / month / gym

PRO support

Besides the support ticket system in the platform, your employees can call our dedicated support team during working hours, and they will receive support for any issue they encounter via AnyDesk. Your gym's tickets have priority.

65 euro / month / gym
About UPfit.cloud subscription

Frequently asked questions

No. Each month UPfit.cloud is updated with new features meant to automate and simplify the work at the reception desk. These updates are added automatically to all our clients, at no extra cost.

Yes. The module is activated immediately, and its cost is included on your next invoice.

Of course. If you pay for your subscription for a year in advance you will receive a 15% discount for the entire value of the contract.

Our contract does not compel you to a specific period. You can give up our services at any time, with a 30-day notice.

The invoice is issued automatically each month on the 5th, for the current month. The invoice has a 30 days due date and it can be paid through bank wire.

Send a request at suport@upfit.cloud and the module will be deactivated starting with the 1st of the next month.

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