Expand your fitness club with ease
Easy to use and effective software

Expand your fitness club with ease

UPfit.cloud is the perfect management software for your gym

You can efficiently manage your entire activity, from memberships to Group Fitness classes or product sales.

Keep track of all your gym’s activities with ease, and in real-time

Bookkeeping is
no longer a burden

Easier to use than any
other software on the market

Give your members professional
looking contracts and invoices

UPfit.cloud is accessible from
anywhere at any time, fast and secure

Expedient sale of memberships
and other services

Automatically generated documents, branded for your gym

Gain your members’ trust using contracts and invoices with a professional design

The key is in the details! Give your clients customized documents bearing your logo and branding.
You can pick from 4 designs for your membership contracts and invoices, which you can customize with your company's logo. You can even choose the color scheme that best matches your brand. All documents are automatically generated in the system, and they can be downloaded in PDF format.

Gain your members’ trust using <b>contracts and invoices with a professional design</b>
Point of Sale

Sell your products easier using the UPfit.cloud POS

Using our POS module, your customers will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you can complete a sale.

Whether you prefer selecting items by using the bar scanner or directly from the catalog, every sale is swiftly completed – that includes issuing a receipt and automatically updating the inventory. The Point of Sale module allows you to manage the inventory in real-time. It generates documents for stock management - registering product inventory, transfers, daily balance reports, and other tasks.

Sell your products easier using the <b>UPfit.cloud POS</b>
Fast service means happy members
Quick and easy management

Fast service means happy members

The entire UPfit.cloud system is optimized to boost your team’s productivity.

From selling memberships to booking Group Fitness classes, our system helps you save time.
During the 4 years we’ve spent developing UPfit.cloud, we focused on making it as user-friendly as possible.
For us, it’s imperative users can complete each task swiftly.

Website widgets

Easy website integration. No coding experience necessary!

With UPfit.cloud you easily can embed Group Fitness schedules, "Become a member" forms, or membership price lists directly into your website.

The schedule and price list widgets are automatically updated with all the information in the software. Members can book group fitness classes online, and receive their booking confirmation instantly.
With UPfit.cloud you can also embed "Become a member" forms and all the necessary GDPR forms. All data collected by these forms are automatically stored in your database.

Easy website integration. No coding experience necessary!
Group fitness and personal training with no complications
Simple & fast!

Group fitness and personal training with no complications

You can manage the entire Group Fitness and Personal Training activity in real-time, without any headaches.

With just a few clicks, you can change the Group Fitness schedule, book members to different classes, confirm their attendance or cancel their bookings. Reports show you the most popular classes, preferred booking hours, and most beloved instructors.

Real-time reporting

Make decisions based on numbers, not suppositions

You can trust your decision-making process because you know it relies on your gym’s exact results, in real-time.

You don’t have to wait for numbers from accounting, because you can check your sales stats in real-time. At any given moment, just a click away, you have all the necessary documentation for your business: membership sales, payments, unpaid invoices, member cards, product sales, expiring memberships and so on.

Make decisions based on numbers, not suppositions
Connect with your members faster via automated emails
Emails with your branding style

Connect with your members faster via automated emails

Your members are informed in real-time, via email, whenever you make any changes to their profile:

  • bookings to group fitness classes
  • booking cancellations for group fitness classes
  • pin code changes, used for online services
  • membership activation confirmation
  • payment confirmation notification
  • automatic proforma issue

...and many other notifications.

Import your data directly into accounting software

UPfit.cloud gives you the necessary tools to export all the data you need in real-time, directly in accounting, in XLS or XML format.

You can import data into your accounting software, fast and straightforward, without the extra work of filing the documents.
At any given moment, you can generate reports with all invoices, payments, fiscal receipts for cash or card payments, and so much more essential information. The petty cash register is automatically generated.

Import your data directly into accounting software
Would you like to expand your fitness club?

Join our client roster, that has already discovered the benefits of UPfit.cloud. From streamlining the activity at the reception desk to online services for members, you can have everything.

During a demo session, we can go over in detail about how we can help you expand your business, grow your revenue, and impress your members.

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Top-of-the-range software for excellent results

Software that perfectly adapts to your gym's activity

Each gym is unique. That is why UPfit.cloud has a wide range of services, tools, and features that perfectly match your business.

Regardless of how you manage your gym or fitness club activity, UPfit.cloud can be customized so it's easy to use for your team and simple for your members.

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