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Gestionezi ușor întreaga activitate

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Essential features for easy gym management has a massive array of features and tools created for different types of gyms. Whether we are talking about Yoga studios, CrossFit boxes, standard gyms or health & fitness clubs, they all need a bundle of features that streamline daily activities and management process. That way, employees don’t waste time with menial tasks that can be automatized and have more time and energy to attend to members.

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Fast check-in with the app or member card

You can check members in just by scanning the QR code in the mobile app or the member card. The software automatically displays the profile of that member, with all the necessary information, including membership status, class bookings, or PT sessions scheduled in the current day.

You can sell memberships or services with a simple click of a button directly from the member’s profile, and if they should not have access to the gym, the system will not allow you to register its check-in.

Fast check-in with the app or member card
Detailed profile with complete member info
All the necessary informations

Detailed profile with complete member info

For each member, you can create a detailed profile with all the information you need, from contact info to all memberships and services ever bought. In the member profile, you will find all the documents generated for that member, including contracts and invoices, as well as details about its activity, like bookings, check-ins, or penalties.

The platform records every change made to a profile and allows adding internal notes and comments for each member.

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We have created dozens of free e-books with information and useful tips for ambitious gyms, that are willing to use all the tools available to increase their business and the number of members.

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Increase your sales

Swift selling process for memberships and services

You can sell a membership or a service clipcard in a matter of seconds, and the entire process is very intuitive. After you set up your membership and clipcard types and prices on the platform, the selling process is straightforward. All you have to do is select the membership or clipcard type.

All the required documents are generated automatically based on the data in the system, and they don’t have to be manually filled in. For corporate contracts, to members belonging to a company can only be sold memberships with prices set in that corporate contract.

Swift selling process for memberships and services
Sell at the front desk with an option of online payment for members
Simple and quick

Sell at the front desk with an option of online payment for members

You can sell memberships and service clipcards easier with the online payment option. The people at the reception desk or your sales team can register a membership or a clipcard for a member and then email them a payment link.

The member can pay for it online with their bank card, and the membership or clipcard is automatically activated on the spot.

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For more than 6 years we develop a complex software platform that helps fitness clubs to grow. We've earner the trust of many leading fitness clubs because we make sure everything works easy and without headaches. We hope to earn your trust also so you choose for your gym or fitness club.

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Automatic emails to members
Communcation on auto-pilot

Automatic emails to members

Members receive automatic emails according to their activity. These templates are already set up, and you can add more if you need it. That way, members receive automated emails for class bookings, cancel bookings, changes performed to a class that was booked, confirmation of PT sessions, the fact that the membership is about to expire, or a welcome e-mail with all the necessary information for new members.

You can keep track of emails in the member profile, including if the member opened a particular message.

Contracts and invoices are automatically generated
Manage the documents without manual work

Contracts and invoices are automatically generated

For any seal of memberships or services, the system automatically generates the member contract, using a template agreed upon by the gym. If needed, you can generate a fiscal invoice for any transaction recorded in the gym management app, including for products.

You can issue invoices on a person or a company, without having to fill in the details manually. You can also issue a proforma invoice for bank wire payments. All documents are branded with your gym’s colors and logo and are stored indefinitely on the platform, in the member profile.

Petty cash register
Real-tima and automatic generation

Petty cash register

The petty cash register is automatically generated in real-time based on the payments recorded in the platform. You can generate daily or monthly sales reports and register accounting documents like orders of payments or cash orders. These documents are automatically generated based on the information you fill in, and they can be printed out.

The daily close can be done in a few minutes, with the help of the reports generated from the petty cash register. Edits like changing the payment method for a receipt can also be done in the platform, and the necessary documents are generated automatically.

Managing the product inventory
Know your stock in real-time

Managing the product inventory

You can sell products at the reception desk so much easier because stock management is done with ease. You can sell products straight from the platform, and the inventory is updated in real-time. Loading the inventory is also easy to perform, and all the necessary documents (GRNs, requisition forms, etc.) are automatically generated based on the information on the platform.

You can set up product types and suppliers, which means for each inventory operation, you can simply select these parameters without having to fill in all the info manually.

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