Online account for gym members
Provide members with full control over their activity

Online account for gym members

Online services that are easy to deploy

An extraordinary experience for your members

Provide more control with an online account where members can manage their entire activity at the gym. The online account is a section of your gym's website, with a design that matches the rest of your website (colors, logo, photos) and that works perfectly on mobile, tablet or laptop. The online member account is easy to embed into your website so that you won't waste any time and money with complicated investments.

With the online account, members have full control over their activity - non-stop access to information regarding their membership or service clipcards, the option of purchasing online memberships, class bookings, video workouts or live classes. Your members will save precious time and will truly appreciate the professional services you are providing them.

Strong brand

Build up your gym's brand by providing state-of-the-art services that will help you easily surpass your competition.

Simpler sales

Sell services online non-stop, and members can renew their membership easier, when they want and not by queueing up at the reception desk.

Higher retention rate

Online class bookings increase the attendance rate, which means more members will renew their membership, to access to these services.

More new members

The self-registration option means anyone can create their member account and purchase a membership online. This means your business grows on its own.

Save resources

Online bookings, online payments for memberships and up to date information about the gym means less work for your team and no more queues at the reception desk.

New revenue channels

Extend your services outside the walls of your gym with video workouts and live-streamed classes that can be an additional revenue stream and new members from all over the world.

They'll be eager to come back

Each interaction with your members is exceptional

The online member account is the perfect tool to engage your members, no matter how many they are. The account can be accessed from your gym's website. It looks impeccable on your laptop, as well as on your phone and tablet.

  • Intuitive interface and user friendly for every member
  • The account is setup with the gym's branding, to perfectly match your website
  • Alongside the member app, it creates an impressive ecosystem
  • Potential clients have access to all the information they need to become a member
Each interaction with your members is exceptional
All the information your members need
Customer relationship, stronger than ever

All the information your members need

Members have access to all the information they need. That way, they don't need to overload your team with phone calls or create long lines at the reception desk.

  • Online class bookings
  • Booking, check-in and penalty history
  • Membership status, when it expires, and what services it includes
  • Information about your gym
  • News and offers
Would you like to test’s online member account?

Request a demo of the platform and a member of our team will show you all our online services for members, including the online member account. You can test all its features and you can see how all tasks performed in the account are automatically synced with the platform.


Provide members with easier ways to buy services

Sell services online easier, directly from the member account

The member account has a dedicated section where they can purchase memberships online. Clients choose their preferred membership type, sets the start date and pays for it online. The system automatically activates the membership, as soon as the payment is confirmed. It also sends members the invoices and contracts via email.

This way, the entire sale process is moved online, for both members and potential clients.

Special offers will have greater success when members can take full advantage from a discount on the spot and not the next time they go by the gym.

About online payments
Sell services online easier, directly from the member account
All the information your members need
Create a community of loyal members

Train members at their house

Provide members with special services outside your gym. With the Video On Demand module, you can publish video workouts created by your trainers, directly into the online member account.

This way, members can keep in shape wherever they are. If the gym is closed, you can continue to provide services for them.

Extend the benefits you provide to members with live classes. The vibe and energy of your group fitness classes can reach the home of every one of your members.

About online workouts About live classes
Extend your business by providing members with online services

The online member account is actually a necessity

Online services mean facilitating your relationship with your members. We all want to save time and be able to salve any issues in the shortest amount of time possible.

With an online member account, your gym's reception desk is opened non-stop. This way, you can show respect for your members' time while also streamlining your activity.

The online account bears your website's branding

The online account has the colors and branding elements of your website. It looks just like any other page of the website.

It works perfectly on any device

Members can access their online account from their phone, tablet or laptop. Online Workouts can also be watched on a smart TV.

Everything members need

The online member account has al the features members need.

Fast deployment

We can activate the online member account in just a few days. You can provide premium services without huge investments and long deployment time.

It's easy for all members

Members can perform any task with ease, since the entire system i very intuitive. The online account has a professional design that will reinforce your members' trust in your brand.

Non-stop access to information

Memebrs can access their contracts, invoices and check the details of their memberships at any given moment.

We are delighted they are part of the family

Our clients' opinion

Top-of-the-range software for excellent results

Software that perfectly adapts to your gym's activity

Each gym is unique. That is why has a wide range of services, tools, and features that perfectly match your business.

Regardless of how you manage your gym or fitness club activity, can be customized so it's easy to use for your team and simple for your members.

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