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IT equipment for the reception desk

The activity of the reception desk of any gym must run smoothly, that way members won't have to wait for too long. Choosing the right equipment for the reception desk means your receptionists will work faster and better. Help your team get the best results by investing in the proper equipment that will help your people use our gym management software efficiently. The IT equipment at a gym's reception desk means an investment in efficiency and swiftness.

Fiscal equipment for printing fiscal receipts

For printing fiscal receipts you can choose between two types of fiscal equipment:

  • fiscal printer: recommended for gyms with a medium to a large volume of daily transactions; it is fast and silent
  • cash register: recommended for gyms with a small volume of daily transactions

Reception desk computers

Your team at the reception desk needs desktop computers or all-in-one solutions with a large screen of at least 21.5", to use at its best.

Computer screens

The time it takes to complete certain operations is often affected by small screens with low resolution, which makes reading the text harder. To propper use, and other similar software, we recommend investing in large computer screens with at least 21.5" in diagonal and a minimum resolution of 1920x1080p.

Software licence is compatible with any operating system, but we recommend buying a Windows 7 licence or newer, and an Office licence for document management. The communication driver for fiscal equipment only works with Windows.

Thermal printers

We recommend buying a thermal printer to print out attendance tickets for Group Fitness classes or PT sessions.

Barcode readers

Barcode readers are used when selling products or for member check-in, using the app. We recommend using a Motorola Symbol DS2908 barcode reader, because of its higher response rate, and the fact that it can read 1D and 2D barcodes.

Magnetic card readers

To check-in members faster, we recommend using magnetic member cards, as well as magnetic card readers.


Member profile pictures can be taken with a webcam, and they are automatically saved to their profile.

Laser printer automatically issues all member contracts, addendums, fiscal invoices and all other necessary documents for gyms. To print out documents which need to be signed and handed to members, we recommend buying a laser printer.

The PRO price plan is the most popular choice among our clients.

You get 24 modules, equipment and user manuals with just 250 euro / month / gym + VAT.

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