Live fitness classes for more new members, from all over the world
Your gym in the home of every member

Live fitness classes for more new members, from all over the world

Expand your gym beyond the walls of your location

Open your gym for members from all over the globe

How would you like to have your gym available in the home of every one of your members, no matter where they are? As digitisation has taken over most aspects of our lives, people have grown accustomed to having immediate access to all the services they need, at any given moment. This is also true for gyms and fitness clubs, that must be easily accessible to members wherever they are - at home, on vacation or at work.

Now more than ever, members need more options regarding the place and time of their workouts. This type of online services is about to become the new norm in the fitness industry, no matter the size of the gym.

This is why it is essential to have a plan on how to transform your gym from a location of choice into a brand of choice.

The solution for this transformation is not to stand against virtual training and spend all your resources in convincing your members to come to your location. The answer is to make sure members have access to all your gym's workouts and services from home.

Unlimited number of participants

Live classes do not require space restrictions, which means you can have hundreds of attendees to a single class, at the same time

Access from anywhere

Members can attend the class from anywhere, without wasting time with the trip to and from your gym

Added value to your memberships

Your gym's memberships will have a higher value for customers if they include access to live classes

Think globally

You can recruit potential members from all over the world, with no restrictions, since virtually everyone has access to your services

Easily recruit new members

Non-members can easily understand the quality of your services and the expertise of your team

Bolster a loyal community

A constant schedule of live classes will cement the relationship with your members and ensure their loyalty no matter what

Do you want to offer your members live stream fitness classes but you don’t know how to do it?
Do you want to offer your members live stream fitness classes but you don’t know how to do it?

It might look complicated, but this project is very easy to set up. To help you out, we have created a free resource package that will help you organise this project and purchase the equipment you need for live streaming. The kit contains a useful guide about how to live stream fitness classes, a detailed project plan, and a checklist for your instructors.


Don't interrupt your members' fitness regimen, no matter what's going on in your gym

Members always have access to live classes with their favorite instructors

Even if they cannot come to the gym, members can continue their workouts at home, and they can attend their favorite fitness classes online.

The situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new reality for gyms and fitness clubs everywhere. Now members need the assurance that they can continue their training no matter the situation, even when they are at home.

Therefore, live fitness classes are the perfect solution to motivate your members to maintain their fitness progress. That way, you can keep them engaged and loyal.
Live classes are also a great tool to bring the vibe and energy of your gym to the living room of your members. So, they won't forget why they choose your gym in the first place, and they'll be looking forward to going back as soon as they can.

Members always have access to live classes with their favorite instructors
You can easily launch live classes for your gym
Just a few simple steps

You can easily launch live classes for your gym

With launching live classes is an easy task. First, you set out a class schedule, then members can register online, and when the class is about to start, they simply confirm their attendance.

Live classes can be streamed with different types of platforms like Vimeo, Zoom, YouTube Live or Wowza Cloud. Just pick the platform that best suits your needs and budge.

Members go through a simple flow for booking and confirming their attendance, which is available in the online member account. This can be accessed from the phone, tablet, laptop, and even smart TV.

After the class is over, you can upload the recording in the online account. This way, members can watch it again, whenever they want, thus creating even more online content.

Eliminate any restraint for your business

Live fitness classes are a significant growth opportunity

Live streaming fitness classes are an excellent opportunity for members to keep in shape anywhere by following a strict schedule. That way, they can continue their progress, since they are already used to your gym's usual class schedule.

You don't have to invest in expensive equipment. You can start live stream fitness classes immediately through Zoom or Vimeo. As you develop this service and it starts recruiting new members, you can use more sophisticated equipment.

You should start with a few live classes, free for everyone, even for non-members. As your instructors live-stream these classes, they will be able to perfect their method, and you can deal with any technical issue that might come up along the way.

When your live classes reach a high standard, and you can stream more than two or three a day, you can start to monetise this service and provide a wider variety of fitness classes.

Live fitness classes are a significant growth opportunity
Would you like to live stream fitness classes with

Request a demo, and you can see first hand how our platform works and how easy it is to set up live fitness classes.


Our strategy for launching live classes in the shortest time possible


The plan for launching such a service has two main stages. First, you start this service for free, for everyone, even if they are not members of your gym.

Once the audience is used to this service and you create demand, you can add more live classes at a cost.


Create an exact plan

You must be organised from the beginning and set out exactly how you will launch this service and what human and financial resources you are willing to invest.


Establish a dedicated team

Choose some of your teammates to handle this project. Make sure at least some of them have some technical skills, and that everyone knows exactly what to do.


Location & equipment

Make a list with all the equipment you need and make sure you have everything. Find one or more spots in your gym from where you can easily stream live classes, making sure they meet all the requirements.


Record a few test classes

It's essential that before you start live streaming, you test the equipment and solve any kinks it might have. This way, you'll not get blindsided when you are actually live.


Set up a class schedule

From the very beginning, you should put in place a class schedule for an entire week, and not change it too much. Members must know from the get-go what classes are next, so they have plenty of time to register and be prepared when the class starts.


Promote your new service strongly

No matter how incredible this new service is, it will be unsuccessful if nobody knows about it. Therefore, start promoting it as soon as possible, at least a week before the first class. Use all the communication channels available to you, from social media to newsletters.


Start live streaming classes

Once you iron out all the details, you can start live-streaming classes. You should have at least two live classes every day, for this investment to make sense. That way, you can quickly get your audience accustomed to live classes, and members know they can count on a regular schedule.

We are delighted they are part of the family

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