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Manage the fitness class schedule with more ease

More and more gyms provide their members with the possibility to book their favourite classes online. That means this feature is no longer a whim, but a necessity.

Members want everything to be easy and without headaches. Provide all the necessary information about classes directly on your website or in the mobile app. That way, members can book their spot in just a few seconds.

Choose to impress your members by creating the perfect gym for them!

Provide members with innovative methods to book fitness classes

The system is easy to enable, and it doesn't require any additional software. Bookings are automatically saved and they can be checked at any moment.
Members can book classes on your website or using the mobile app.
The team at the reception desk no longer has to book classes for members via phone and handle attendance lists. Everything is automated.
You know exactly how many members will attend a class. You can create waiting lists and a penalty system for those who don't cancel their bookings in proper time.
Members enter the class a lot faster, with an attendance ticket. That way, you'll eliminate queues and crowds during peek hours.
The class schedule can easily be set up in the system, and any changes that are made later will be automatically synced with the schedule on your website and in the app. That way, members always have access to the latest version of the schedule.

Enabling online bookings on your website is easier than you'd think

The class schedule can be created swiftly in and it is embedded into the website using an HTML code. The operation is fairly simple and doesn't require advanced programming skills.

  1. The class schedule is configured in
  2. In the platform, you also configure the widget for the schedule, and the system generates an HTML code for your website
  3. The schedule is displayed on your website. Any change made in the schedule will be synced to your website
  4. Members can book their favourite classes using their email address and a pincode generated for their member account in

Online bookings are also available in the app

Members can book their spot to fitness classes using the app as well. The app is free for members and they can log in using their email address and their member account pincode.

  1. The class schedule is automatically displayed in the app
  2. For each class, you can upload a description and an image. The member books their spot with a single button
  3. The booking is automatically saved and if there are no more available spots, the member gets on the waiting list
  4. Members can keep track of their current bookings, cancel a booking, and check their booking history
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Online bookings mean happy members

The online booking module can be easily enabled for your fitness club as well. In just a few days, your members can start booking their spot at their favourite fitness classes.


The online booking module is available exclusively to clients that purchase the PRO price plan.

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