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The perfect software for your fitness club

Improve your gym’s activity with innovative management software, crafted precisely for your business.

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Smartfit Timisoara
4Moving Craiova
World Class Romania
Stay Fit Gym
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BodyShape Gym

These are only a few of the many reasons gyms love


Online shopping platform for memberships

Increase your membership sales with the online shopping platform provided by The platform can easily be set up, and in just a few days you can start selling memberships for your gym. The platform is available for both your gym's website and through the mobile app.

Members can renew their membership in seconds. Potential clients can create their member account, they can purchase their first membership online, and start using it immediately.

About online payments

Electronic signature for member contracts

Save time and archiving space with our electronic signature system for member contracts. All documents are displayed on a special tablet at the reception desk. They can be signed quickly, using a stylus, they are automatically saved in the system and sent to members via email.

All documents are readily available in our software. You can search for them using different filters, and you won't have to print and archive them.

Online bookings for fitness classes

Increase the attendance rate for fitness classes with a system that it's simple to enable and use.

Increase the attendance rate for fitness classes with a system that it's simple to enable and use.


Easy management for 7card members is the only fitness software fully integrated with 7card. Using our platform, the management of the 7card visitors is easy and simple:
You can easily manage 7card members, and their check-in can be done using, and it's just as fast as it is for regular members.
You can allocate a locker in the system, without having to request a personal object in exchange for the key.
You also have all 7card access reports at your fingertips.
7card members with an active membership cand book their spot to your fitness classes directly on your website. BASIC

Effortless management for your fitness studio.

We help you run your fitness studio without any headaches, so you’ll have more time to cater to your members. We set up software with everything you need to manage your gym, with features designed to improve membership sales, and useful tools to organize Group Fitness classes. BASIC PRO

Freedom to expand your business

Uniquely designed for fitness clubs looking to evolve. We offer features meant to increase product sales and manage your inventory a lot easier. We are here to help you expand your business, and when you add new locations to your network, our management software quickly adapts and includes the new gyms. PRO LITE

Improve your gym’s activity.

The ideal price plan for gyms looking to upgrade their activity, manage their member database with more efficiency and sell products faster. With the LITE price plan, you get all the tools you need to develop your business without any hassle. LITE - the mobile app for your members

Transform your gym into a state-of-the-art business with a dedicated mobile app. With you save the time and money required to develop an app independently.
With, members have instant access to the fitness class schedule, they can make bookings to their favourite classes, they can cancel bookings, and renew their membership. The mobile app is also the most efficient way to communicate with members while providing them with the option of managing their gym activity.

Aplicație mobil gratuită pentru membri
Smartfit Timisoara
Stay Fit Gym Bucuresti
World Class Romania
Belaqva Brasov
InterContinental Bucuresti
4Moving Craiova

You can also transform your fitness club into a thriving business, faster than you'd think!

You can start using the platform in just a few days and the first month is free of charge. Request a demo or contact us to see how useful our software is for your gym.

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