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Why you should have workout videos for your club members

Why you should have workout videos for your club members
Written by MIHAI Published on 2023-10-01 5 minutes read

One of the main changes made during the COVID-19 pandemic was online services, such as workout videos and online group classes, for club members.

Although things have returned to normal and the fitness clubs are open again, it doesn't mean those online services are not needed anymore.

On the contrary, how health and fitness clubs operate has changed after the pandemic, and things will never be the same. Members got used to working in the comfort of their homes. This is why the hybrid system is so popular these days.

That's why combining online and on-site classes is so important, no matter the size of your club.

One of the easiest ways to create online content is to make online workouts. You can film everything all at once, but you can post the videos separately, and it doesn't even take that much editing time.

How to make workout videos

There are some rules you need to follow regarding professional filming. You don't want your videos to look like you made them quickly with your phone.

workout videos

Once you find your workout set without distractions, you can organize filming sessions with your club trainers. I suggest doing some tests on your exercises to see if it looks all right on the camera. When you figure all that out, you can set your tripod and leave marks on the floor for your equipment so you know exactly where to place it next time.

Make an agenda where you can have all the filmed workouts and encourage the trainers to film all the workouts all at once.

For a start, post 10-15 training videos just to catch the member's attention, and then you can quickly post a new one every couple of days.

If you start with just a few videos, the audience will lose interest, and bringing them back to your content will be hard.

Another important thing you must do is be careful where you post these videos. Many fitness clubs share their content on Facebook or YouTube, where everyone can see it.

I advise you to be more low-key and share your videos only with your club members. If you do so, the content will have more value.

Why you should have workout videos

There are many reasons why you should invest in these kinds of services. One of them is having a new source of income by monetizing them. Also, this is a great way to keep in touch with your members and win their loyalty.

Keep in touch with your members

The main reason you should have workout videos is to keep in touch with your clients and remind them of the quality of your services.

If you include access to these services in standard memberships, you automatically increase their value and even have a reason to raise prices.

Furthermore, when one of your club members can't make it to the gym, this is a great way to keep their habit of working out. By doing so, you will most likely win their loyalty, and the chances of them renewing their memberships are enormous.

You stand out from your competition with state-of-the-art services

It's hard to be unique when there are so many others like you. There always will be another gym that has the latest generation equipment. You can't change your equipment every month just to be on top of the list. But what can you do then? The answer is additional services and workout videos.

You will most likely catch the attention of fitness lovers with these workout videos and make them understand their importance.

Online member account

Easier to promote PT services

I suggest having your personal trainers do the workout videos not only because you'll provide additional services but also because your members can actually see the performance of your PTs.

And this is how you promote your PT services quickly and efficiently.

At the same time, members will quickly realize which trainer would suit them best, and it may be easier to decide on purchasing PT packages..

Integrate your own equipment

Imagine how intimidating it is for new members when they first come to your gym and don't know how to use sophisticated equipment.

How practical a series of video exercises with all the equipment in your gym would be for them? New members would be more confident on their first visits and would enter the gym routine faster, and experienced members would be able to try new devices correctly.

You’ll have a new source of income

When you reach the level of having dozens of workout videos, you can think about monetization.

You can include them in the standard membership and raise the prices, or you can sell memberships at lower rates that provide access only to this library. I suggest you do both.

The best part of the exclusive access membership is that it doesn't matter if the member lives in your city.

There are various ways you can offer online training. Whether we are talking about whole classes recorded via live streaming or even by Zoom, where the PT and members see each other, all these services help enormously gain members' loyalty, especially when they cannot physically go to the gym.

Of all the options, a video library with all the workouts is the easiest solution. It doesn't require sophisticated video equipment or advanced technical knowledge. Members have access to these videos at any time without much effort.

The secret is to film as professionally as possible, even from your phone, and make a lot of diverse content.

Finally, try to offer these services only to your gym members and promote them as often as possible on all platforms.
In a few weeks, you will see that your members are starting to get used to these workouts, and you will be able to monetize them without any problems.


Mihai loves discovering the latest technologies, apps, and wearables. He spends his time developing our mobile apps and trying to craft new features that will create the best member experience for our clients.

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