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Revolutionise personal training services, with a mobile app for your fitness trainers

PT trainers and class instructors are the best promoters for your gym. Help them streamline their activity with an app built specifically for their work. That way, they will have more time to take care of your members and increase their client list.

The activity of trainers and class instructors must be easy to manage. Not just for them, but the team at the reception desk as well. This is why a mobile app custom made for PTs is the most simple solution to ensure the success of your business. is the logical solution for your gym's trainers and instructors

The mobile app has all the features of the platform that trainers need. Consequently, they will no longer need to rely on the team at the reception desk to handle their appointments for PT sessions.

Help your trainers expand your health & fitness club

Fitness trainers can focus on their clients a lot easier if they don't have to waste their time with appointments and activity reports.
trainers can set their availability straight from the app
they can make appointments for PT sessions so much faster using the app
the group fitness class schedule is also available in
trainers can download their activity reports on the spot
they can keep track of their client list directly from the app

Keep track of PT sessions in real-time

The PT calendar is synced with the class schedule, so trainers cannot schedule PT sessions at the same time with a group fitness class they are coordinating. All changes made in the platform that affect the trainer's activity are automatically displayed in is also available for SPA specialists

The app is connected to's SPA module as well. That way, therapists and specialists can schedule sessions for massages and SPA services directly from the app. They can set their availability and manage their entire activity wherever they are.

Trainers' activity is easier to control

Personal trainers can keep track of their activity reports and download them from That way, they have control over their work. Their client list is also displayed in the app. So they know when to suggest members to purchase another PT service package or which member has not used their PT clipcard.

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Trainers at your gym can also use

The trainer app can be downloaded for free from App Store or Google Play. The app can be configured for your gym in a matter of days.
*The app is available exclusively for clients that purchase the PRO price plan.

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