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Eliminate maintenance expenses for lockers

The most common issues regarding gym lockers are lost keys, thefts and damages.

Solve all these problems with a user-friendly system, that doesn't require an exorbitant budget or monthly costs.

Members can check into the gym in less than 20 seconds and you always know which locker they are using

You can easily eliminate monthly costs with lost keys because you know exactly who used a certain locker at any given moment
Members will not be required to leave a personal object at the reception desk in exchange for a locker key
Members can also check-in using the app, since they don't have to leave their member card at the reception desk in exchange for the locker key
The Lockers module doesn't require expensive equipment for access control or additional costs with new lockers

Control over your gym's lockers means reduced maintenance costs and happy members

How does the Lockers module work

To enable the Lockers module in your fitness club, you have to add a key tag with a special barcode to all lockers keys. The barcode is quickly scanned when the member checks-in, using a barcode reader.
All locker keys have a special tag with a barcode printed on them
After the member checks-in, one of the key tags is scanned, using the barcode reader
The member enters the gym, and records the number of the locker they are using
When the member leaves the gym, the key tag is scanned once again, to deallocate the locker displays the real-time status of all lockers, including if members have left the gym with the key
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You can also have absolute control over your gym's locker

The Lockers module can be enabled immediately after all tags have been fitted to all locker keys.
From that moment on, it will be so much easier for you to manage your gym's lockers, and you'll scrap all monthly maintenance costs.


The Lockers module is available exclusively to clients that purchase the LITE or PRO price plan.

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