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Apple teases the launching of a virtual fitness service

Apple teases the launching of a virtual fitness service
Written by DANI Published on 2020-08-18 2 minutes read

Apple gave hints about launching a new virtual fitness service that would be available through an app on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, with a monthly subscription.

This new service will be in direct competition with services already provided by Peloton and Nike in the virtual fitness sector, which saw a massing increase in the last few months as a result of the global pandemic.

Apple's new service will be provided as part of a new bundle of subscriptions that Apple wants to deliver at a lower cost. This bundle, named Apple One, will probably be launched in October when the new iPhone will be unveiled.

This is not the first step into the fitness market for the giant tech company. At the beginning of the year, Apple launched the Apple Watch Connected program in partnership with several fitness chains. Through this program, Apple Watch users could gain points when they trained at those gyms. Those points could be turned into prizes.

The company also announced that the Apple Activity app for the smartwatch would be renamed Apple Fitness when iOS 14 will be launched later this year.


Dani is the most active member of the UPfit team and loves participating in all sorts of sports competitions. He is also always in the know with everything fitness and sports-related, from digital solutions and gadgets to the latest workout styles.

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Fitness Business Romania

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