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How to update your gym's website with the new COVID-19 measures

How to update your gym's website with the new COVID-19 measures
Written by DANI Published on 2020-11-25 4 minutes read

The safety measures enforced by the COVID-19 epidemic aren't news anymore, but that doesn't mean that they mustn't be strictly upheld. All fitness clubs are bound to follow a new set of rules, and members and employees alike need to follow new protocols.

Unfortunately, these rules will not be eliminated any time soon. That's why gyms must inform their members about these changes and how the club ensures a sanitized environment and diminishes the spread of the virus.

These facts can be communicated in person, when members come to the gym, with the help of various signs and informational posters, or it could even be done by your team.

I also advise you to post on social media and send your members e-mails with the new rules and measures.

Another place you should publish these changes is your fitness club's website. There you can detail all the measures and rules regarding the pandemic. Moreover, your website is one of the first places where a member or someone interested in your club's services will look for such information.

Build your member's trust

Updating your website with pages dedicated to the way you diminish the spread of the virus shows the members that you care about their safety and their health and that you are doing everything in your power to protect them. This will make them feel more comfortable, and thus you will convince them to return to the gym faster.

Publishing a commitment to diminishing the infection risk and the insurance of a safe environment will weigh enormously for your members but also for those looking for a new place to train safely.
The main sections of such a page

It doesn't have to be a page filled with complicated elements. However, it needs to contain how your gym ensures cleaning and sanitation and members' rules.

The commitment you take upon yourself

Write a few paragraphs about the commitment your club takes to ensure a comfortable and clean environment for all members. It's essential to start with "why?", such that everyone understands the reason you are making these efforts, but also the reason why they will need to get used to the new rules.

Remember that not everybody has the same opinion about the pandemic, and not all members will be willing to follow the protocols. That's why it's essential to also explain on your club's website why it's vital to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, for ourselves as well as for those dear to us.

What changed in the way the gym functions

Clubs are bound to ask their members to make a reservation before coming to the gym. Therefore, explain the way they can do it. Can they make a reservation by phone call? Publish the available phone numbers. Can they do it online on your website or on a mobile app? Detail how they can do that.

Surely you were compelled to reduce the number of open slots in your group classes. Explain this so that members are not annoyed when they cannot reserve a spot at their favorite classes.

If you have any out-of-order equipment to maintain social distancing, make sure to announce that, as well as if anything has changed in the locker rooms or the showers. Any changes in the mode of operation, including the schedule, must be published here.

Signs and announcements in the club

Gyms are bound to post on the premises posters and signs regarding the COVID-19 measures. Show that on your website as well. Publish a few pictures from the club so that members get an idea of how the gym looks nowadays. Show them the front desk markings for social distancing or the ones in the aerobic studios, so they know exactly where their place is during class. All this information will help members understand what to expect.

The way you ensure cleanness and sanitation

Show in detail the new cleaning procedures you have implemented. Explain absolutely every action you take to keep your gym clean and sanitize the area. Show all the areas with disinfectant available to the members and visitors and offer as many details as possible about any new system implemented.

Online payments

What rules does the member need to follow

Members need to follow new rules and procedures as well, so make them public on this page. For example, explain in what areas they need to wear a mask, how and why they need to disinfect the equipment they use, and that they're not allowed to sit closer than 2 meters to other members. In addition, the entire COVID-19 protocol needs to be published here so that members can refer to it when they need to.

Other suggestions for members

Give out other suggestions and measures they can take to avoid direct contact with other people. For example, you can include the option to pay by credit/debit card or, even better, online payments for memberships and services. That way, members don't need to spend a lot of time at the front desk.

Encourage them to make online reservations for classes or for a visit to the gym. Show them how they can manage their activity at the gym using online tools the club puts at their disposal.

Examples of pages for COVID-19 measures

Pages dedicated to COVID-19 measures are not a significant effort and don't need to be a complicated procedure. In fact, many fitness clubs worldwide have already implemented such sections on their websites. So you can get inspired and work out something similar for your own fitness club's website.

Here are a few templates that caught my eye:









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