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How to create sales campaigns using's discount codes

How to create sales campaigns using's discount codes
Written by ALEX Published on 2020-08-25 4 minutes read

We recently launched a new feature designed to help gyms create more effective sales campaigns. We're talking about a system of discount codes through which clubs can offer discounts on memberships purchased online.

This system is very simple to set up and offers various manners to use it. This way, clubs can create multiple campaigns and track results more quickly.These codes are for online sales only, so members or potential customers can use them on their own in the mobile app or in the member's online account without making it difficult for the front desk employees.

Sales campaigns can be launched very quickly since these codes are configured directly from the platform. Furthermore, they allow several configurations so that the codes are only available for certain types of memberships, have a specific availability period, and can be used a certain number of times. Below we have laid out a list containing several kinds of campaigns using UPfit. cloud's discount codes.

Online campaigns on social media channels

This type of campaign is the simplest to carry out. First, a discount code is set up. Then, you create various photo and video materials which promote this offer and post them as often as possible on all the fitness gym's social media accounts.

You can differentiate between different channels, creating a discount code for each one if you want.

For example, the campaign run on Facebook may have a specific code, the one promoted on Instagram may have a different code, and the one on the club's website may have a third code. In the end, depending on how many times each code has been used, you will see which channel is the most effective.

All posts must include the code itself, the discount, the offer's details, and the link to the member account or to the app where the customer can quickly purchase the discounted membership.

Each post must contain all these details so that the "effort" that the customer makes is as tiny as possible.

Partnerships with other brands or influencers

You can enter partnerships with various brands to offer their customers a discount code for memberships at your gym. The code may contain the name of the partner brand and may be provided to customers who purchase products or services with a specific minimum value from that brand.

You can also form partnerships with influencers or brand ambassadors, who can promote your fitness gym by giving their fans a special discount code.

With the help of this system, you'll be able to see more easily which partner has sold more memberships and thus know which partnerships are the most prolific and which you can give up.

gym membership discount

Retention campaigns also offers a complex retention system that can be integrated with discount codes. Specifically, the system can automatically create discount codes according to your specifications, then email them to members whose membership is about to expire. These codes can only be used once and should be valid for a limited period.

A few days before the membership expires, the member receives an email notifying them that the membership is about to expire and receives a discount code for certain types of memberships. Thus, the member accesses their online account directly from the email and can renew their membership on the spot using the discount code from the email.

This system is one of the most effective retention strategies, and the conversion rate is exceptionally high. In addition, because you use our automatic email system, your employees don't have to do anything more to persuade members into renewing their membership.

Online payments

Offline campaigns

Even if the discount code system is for online payments, it doesn't mean you can't launch offline campaigns using this plug-in. For example, you can print flyers and other similar materials that display the discount code and a QR code that opens the online member account.

These materials can be distributed at an event or in a specific city area. This way, you will be able to figure out much easier if they are an effective recruitment method, rather than you inviting passers-by to just come to the gym to purchase a membership.

Flash campaigns

Do you want to set up a Black Friday campaign as attractive as possible? Or maybe you want to bring back as many inactive members as possible after New Year's.

Discount codes can be used along with the marketing module, which allows you to send newsletters, SMS, and push notifications through the member app. Astfel, poți trimite aceste coduri de reducere unei audiențe specifice și vei fi sigur că vor primi mesajul imediat.

This type of campaign is especially useful if you're running a one-day or just a few-hour sale. The member receives an email, SMS, or notification via the app with the campaign details, and they can instantly purchase a membership using that code. If you also offer a considerable discount, the campaign will surely be a success.

A quick catch-up...
One of the newest modules launched by is the discount code system. With this system, you can set up discount codes for certain types of memberships which can be used to purchase online memberships in the membership app or the online member's account.

This system is very useful for any sales campaign, from the classic ones promoted through posts on social media and the website to partnerships with other brands and influencers or even "old-school" campaigns using flyers.

You can also launch one-day or several-hour flash campaigns to offer substantial discounts only to certain members, who will receive the code via SMS, newsletter, or push notifications from the app


Alex is deeply passionate about technology and the way digital solutions improve our daily lives. His passion has helped create ingenious digital tools that have revolutionized the fitness industry in Romania.

Fitness Business Romania
Fitness Business Romania

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