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Increase sales by providing members with the option of purchasing memberships online

E-commerce is a trend that will not disappear any time soon. People prefer purchasing both products and services online. That is why your gym must provide active and future members with the option of paying for memberships online.

With the management platform, members at your gym have the possibility of buying memberships online through both your website and the mobile app.


A potential client is more likely to purchase a service if the online payment is done fast and seamless, not giving them time to change their minds
With online payments, the effort to persuade members to renew their memberships is so much lower
Online payments are an extra income on top of the sales made at the reception desk
By providing members with the possibility of purchasing memberships online, you position yourself ahead of the competition. Offer state-of-the-art services that attract young members, already used to shop online and therefore create the perfect gym for them.


Automatic payment processing

The payment is processed automatically through a reliable online processor.
The platform can be activated for your gym in just a few days.
The entire process is automated and it doesn't require work from your team.

The contract and invoice are automatically generated

All the payment details are automatically saved in the member account in
The fiscal invoice for the payment is generated automatically and is sent to the member via email
The member contract is automatically generated as well and is saved in the member account

Premium services for your members

Increase sales without investing in a complicating solution
Provide members with premium services and gain their loyalty
Members can download their invoices and contracts, any time, from the mobile app

Sell memberships through the mobile app and your website

The online shopping platform for memberships has two main elements: the member app and the online shopping widget for your website.
In both cases, members can purchase memberships online in four simple steps.
As soon as the payment is confirmed, the membership is activated automatically and it can be used straight away.
Both the mobile app and the website widget allow new clients to create a member account and purchase their first membership on the spot.
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You can also sell memberships online in less than 48 hours

The online shopping platform for memberships can be activated for your gym in less than 48 hours. From that moment on, your members can renew their memberships online and those interested can create an account on the spot. The entire system is easy to enable and secure.


The online shopping platform for memberships is available exclusively to clients that purchase the PRO price plan.

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