Increase sales with zero effort, using online sales
Your business will grow on its own

Increase sales with zero effort, using online sales

Your club's front desk opened non-stop

Sell memberships and services online at any given moment

Members appreciate flexibility and swiftness when they decide to purchase a service. That is why your members and potential customers must have at their disposal several fast methods of purchasing memberships and services. This can be done only with an online payment system. This way, anyone wishing to buy a membership, PT sessions, massage or SPA packages, or any other service you provide can do so whenever they want, no matter where they are.

The online payment system provided by means that anyone can buy a membership or clipcard service to your gym, whenever they want, and pay for it online, using their bank card. Members choose the membership or service they want, and once the online payment is confirmed, they can use the service they purchased. All these operations are automated and very fast, and they don't require your employees to take any action.

Steadfast sales

Sell memberships online at any given time, no matter where the member or potential client is

Remarkable member experience

Surprise your members with a state-of-the-art and uncomplicated experience

Increase your retention rate

Members will renew their membership more often, if they have the option at any time, not just at the gym

Save money

The commission for online payments are lower than the ones for bank card payments on location

Full control, in real-time

You have full control over online revenue and keep track of sales numbers in real-time

Efficient financial management

Online payments are the simplest solution, not just for members but for your business as well

Attract clients from different markets

Online payments provide flexibility for you and your members

Sell memberships at any given moment, no matter where your members or potential customers are.

    The member picks the membership or service type they want. They pay for it online with a bank card, and they receive automatically via email, the member contract, and the fiscal invoice.

    The online payment is processed in a matter of minutes, and the membership or service purchased is activated immediately and automatically. Now the member can visit the gym, check-in and use the serviced they bought, and your team at the front desk don't have to do anything.

    The entire process is automated and works on its own. Since your employees don't have to do anything, the chances for human error are nonexistent.

    All these transactions are automatically saved in the management software, which means you can track sales and revenue in real-time.
Online payments provide flexibility for you and your members
Payments are processed automatically, and you decide what to sell
Your sales increase on automatic pilot

Payments are processed automatically, and you decide what to sell

The payment is processed automatically through a reliable online processor. The entire process is automated, and you can rest sure that memberships are activated without any issues.

The platform can be activated for your gym in just a few days so you can start selling memberships and services online straight away.

You have complete freedom over the types of memberships and services you want to sell online. You can set different prices for online purchasing than those at the front desk, and you can set up special campaigns for online purchases.

Stop wasting time with paperwork

The contract and invoice are automatically generated

Payment confirmation and membership activation work on their own. Just sit back and watch the revenue coming in.

    As soon as a member buys a membership or service online, they receive, via email, the member contract with "click-to-agree: signature. That means your team at the reception desk don't have to print out the contract and sign it with the member.

    After the member pays for the service online, they will receive, via email, the fiscal invoice for the said transaction.

    New members can self-register online and then purchase a membership or service. Based on the information provided during registration, the system creates a member profile in the management platform.

    The new member automatically receives access to the mobile app and the online member account. That way, they can check-in at the gym using the QR code in the mobile app, and they don't have to waste time at the front desk until they get a member card or fill in a registration form.
The contract and invoice are automatically generated
Payments are processed automatically, and you decide what to sell
Enhance member experience even outside the gym

Premium services for your members

Your gym stands out on a highly competitive market and reaches even more potential clients.

  • Increase sales without investing in a complicating solution
  • Provide members with premium services and gain their loyalty
  • New members can register online and buy memberships on the spot, without overcrowding the front desk
  • Transform and mobile device in a user-friendly front desk for your gym, that's on-call non-stop
  • Members can download their invoices and contracts, any time, from the member app
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Regardless of how you manage your gym or fitness club activity, can be customized so it's easy to use for your team and simple for your members.

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