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15 ways to organise your live streaming classes

15 ways to organise your live streaming classes
Written by GEORGE Published on 2023-08-07 6 minutes read

Live streaming group classes became one of the strongest trends on the fitness market in the last few years. This is an essential step to any hybrid fitness club not only because it gives an excellent experience on site, but because it also gives amazing online services no matter where you are.

Although it seems complicated, live streaming is not a hard process. It’s very important to set up your technical part and to make sure the live streaming is simple and easy to handle, not only for the members, but also for the trainers.   

It’s not a must to invest in expensive and fancy equipment. You cand easily start an online session on your phone or on your laptop, as long as you pay attention to those tiny aspects that can make a big difference between an amateur or a professional set up.

Use your phone camera instead of the webcam

Usually, the webcam has a lower quality than your phone. So why even bother using the webcam? It doesn’t matter what type of phone you’re using, you can find free aps that connects your phone to your laptop.

I would recommend using the Iriun app, which is available on the AppStore or Google Play, for Mac or Windows. By using this app, your phone automatically becomes the webcam to your laptop. As long as both of devices are connected to the same internet service, the settings are done quickly.   

For more details on how to connect your phone to your laptop, watch this tutorial >>>
Use a tripod and record on landscape mode

A smart move is to buy a high quality tripod, which can be used for both camera and phone. Don’t count on random objects to hold your device. This move never works. Your device can fall down in the middle of the stream. This would be an awful experience for the members. Also, the filming needs to be steady. Don’t make any sudden moves.

Another important thing to do is to film on landscape mode. By doing that you give a professional streaming session.
Buy a microphone or headphones with a microphone

The sound system is another important thing when it comes to online fitness sessions. A good sound system can make a great experience for the audience. As a trainer, you need to explain the exercises during the online session and to encourage the audience. If the members can’t hear you properly, it would be difficult for them to train.

This is why I advice you to use a wireless mic or wireless headphones: to move easily and talk at the same time without yelling.
Plan your playlist before the online session 

Besides your own voice, the audience expects to hear a playlist compatible to the exercises. In order to legally use the music, you need to buy a specific licence which allows you to play that playlist. You can also choose free playlists from different specialised sites, such as Free Music Archive.

Another method is to create a Spotify playlist and send its link to the participants to listen on their own.

Wear the appropiate fitness clothes

No matter where you film your online session, whether it’s in the fitness club, outside or in your own house, you need to wear proper sports clothes. This is the first thing that catches the eye. That’s why it’s only right to wear the club logo on your clothes.

Choose the right lighting

It would be ideal to film your session in a fitness studio, where no one bothers you. In order to get the best shot, you need to find the best lighting. Check the back lights very carefully. You don’t want any annoying shadows on your face. It would be a distraction for the audience.

You also need to be careful about the echo which can be heard in the studio, and if you stream in a small place, make sure you don’t have personal things around you, such as cables.

Do some tests before you start the session

Even if it’s not your first rodeo, make sure you check the position of your device before you start the session and record yourself for a few seconds to see how it looks. Move around to see the limits on your frames, then mark a spot somewhere on the ground for you to know from where it looks the best.

Check the internet connection

Don’t forget about the internet connection as it’s the most important part of the live streaming session. Chek it out before the session to make sure everything is on point.

Online member account

Start the session 5 minutes before the actual live stream

Even if the members are in their own home, it doesn't mean that the session is more relaxed. If you planned a specific hour, you need to be on time, no matter what. 

It is better if you start the live stream 5 minutes before, for the members to figure out any problems that may occur.

Say Hi to the members

No matter the streaming platform, you need to say hi to your members for them to feel welcomed. If you stream on Zoom, you can see the members individually when they join the platform. That is an opportunity to say hi to them individually.

These little details can make a big difference when it comes to the right vibes you can give the members.

Use a monitor for you to follow the members

If you’re on Zoom, you have the possibility to watch every single one of the members. Invite them to open thein web cam in order to see if they do the exercises correctly.

A pro tip I can give you is to connect a TV or a bigger monitor to your laptop in order to see everyone during the training session.

Turn off member’s microphone     

When you start the session, make sure the rest of the members have their mics off, in order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. Not everyone has the chance to work out in a quiet environment.

Encourage the members during the streaming

You need to encourage the people during the session, even if you are online streaming. These kinds of interactions make a difference and help members to train even harder.

Don’t forget about the warmups and cooldowns

Don’t skip the essential parts of the workout sessions: warmups and cooldowns. The majority of the members train from home and there is a big possibility they did not warm up before the workout. As a trainer, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone is safe. That’s why you need to make sure that you went through the warmups and cooldowns. And if there is no time left for the cooldowns, just explain to the members what they have to do after the workout.

Be energetic and look right at the camera

Members will join your online session because of how much they’ve liked the on-site sessions. And it’s not easy to recreate that vibe online.

Look right at the camera during the exercises, smile, be relaxed and energetic. Just imagine your phone is a person to whom you explain what they have do to.

A quick catch-up...

Live streaming sessions are the future when it comes to group workouts and it’s more likely that this trend will not disappear very soon. This is a very effective way to motivate members to workout even if they are not physically there.

You don’t have to invest in a professional filming studio, you just need the right equipment in order to give the members the best digital performances that can win their loyalty.


George works in the fitness industry for over 12 years, during which he combined his advanced IT skills with the ability to solve problems with ingenious tech solutions. As a result, he has become very familiar with the challenges that occur during gyms' daily tasks and their solutions. His experience always takes shape into practical features for our platform

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Fitness Business Romania

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