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How to fine-tune the sales process at your gym

How to fine-tune the sales process at your gym
Written by COSMIN Published on 2020-11-16 4 minutes read

One of the most critical aspects of managing a fitness club, no matter its type or size, is the sales process. Even if you are running a well-established club with many years of activity, that doesn't mean sales work on their own.

The process is in continuous development and should get your undeniable attention. More often than not, the sales process for fitness clubs is based on three parts: finding leads or potential clients, selling memberships and services to them, and providing those services.

Even if this process seems logical, it's not necessarily the best solution. A serious sales process has five parts. And if you manage to identify and fine-tune them, you'll immediately see how your retention rate will increase exponentially, and the results will be easy to notice.

How to fine-tune the sales process at your gym

STEP 1: generate leads

The first step of any sales process is to identify potential clients or, in our case, potential members. If you skip this step, you won't be able to sell memberships and services at your gym. Therefore, start by pinpointing the "ideal" client and start promoting your gm with that client in mind. That way, you'll be able to attract many leads that have a high chance of conversion and not leads that won't be willing to buy.

Attract the attention of as many potential clients as possible, and don't forget to constantly work on this process. The more leads you have, the more likely you'll be to reach your sales targets.
STEP 2: nurture your leads

Whether we are talking about lists of email addresses, phone numbers, or any other way of managing potential clients, it's crucial to update them and use them. Once you get the interest, and the consent to talk to them about your gym, you must also follow through.

Contact your leads, present your services and the price list, and explain the benefits of joining a gym, particularly your gym. Of course, you won't always be able to close a sale on the first try. That is why it's so important to nurture all your leads and constantly communicate with them, so they end up joining your gym.

STEP 3: sell or convert

Did you get a lead interested in your gym? Excellent! Now comes the… difficult part. How are you going to convert them? What questions will you ask to find out how they like to train and why would they need to join your gym? How will you convince them to invest their money and time in your services, and most of all, how will you convince them that your club's services can change their lives?

You must have answers to all these questions before advancing to this stage. Make sure that once you get your lead's interests, you have all the necessary tools to convert them into members.

STEP 4: deliver the services you have pledged

Your work doesn't end when you have finished the sale. As soon as a lead decides to invest in a membership at your gym, you must make sure they will receive the experience you have promised. Surprise your new members with the quality of your services and go beyond what you have initially pledged. Only then you'll gain the trust of your new members, which will then translate into referrals.

One of the most efficient ways to increase your business is through members referrals. These referrals are more valuable than any type of ad or promotion campaign.

Member app

STEP 5: sell again (retention)

Just because someone purchased a membership at your gym, that doesn't mean that they no longer have a place in your sales process. On the contrary! The goal is that of all the leads you have converted, as many of them as possible renew their membership. That is why active members, particularly those about to expire, should have a significant spot in your sales strategy.

Are you 100% certain that all members in this category will renew their membership? Talk to them and make sure they enjoy their experience at your gym and are set to renew their membership when the time comes.

Every time their membership expires, members decide again to buy. Therefore, you are actually making a new sale every time they renew their membership.
A quick catch-up...

No matter if you want to focus on selling a particular membership type, a PT package, any other additional service, or even retail products at the reception desk, you must shepherd our client through all these five steps.

If you own or manage a gym and still haven't set out a sales strategy, I advise you to start this process as soon as possible. Go through every stage of the sale process, see what works and what doesn't, and the most effective methods. Only then you'll be able to build a sales team with the exact know-how that will help it get the best results.

Even if you don't know how to sell, you must learn it. Only from your first-hand experience, and multiple tries, you will fine-tune the right strategy for your fitness club. And if you constantly lose members, then direct your attention to steps 4 and 5. And make sure your services' quality is top-notch and that you have a clear retention strategy.


Cosmin has the unique ability to provide not only the best solution for his clients but also to help them make the most of the tools they have. He spends his time in gyms and fitness centers, not only training but also observing and researching every operational aspect of this business.

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