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What is customer care in fitness, and how to care for your members

What is customer care in fitness, and how to care for your members
Written by MIHAELA Published on 2021-10-08 5 minutes read

We know from experience how difficult it is to take care of your clients, particularly when your business is based on monthly memberships. That means that your gym members must always be happy with your services.

That is why we have named our department customer care and not customer service. Because we aim to take care of our clients, not just solve the issues they report. You should have the same strategy at your gym. Don’t wait for them to complain about something. Instead, make sure their experience at your club is always exceptional.

An excellent member experience must be custom-made, coherent, relevant, and natural.

This is even more important for new members that are most likely to drop out if they don’t get a good onboarding the first few weeks.

Therefore, how can you create an exceptional member experience? It’s easier than you think!

The first impression cannot be fixed

When you greet members, particularly new ones, don’t forget to smile and make them feel welcomed. No matter what issue they have, it’s essential to have a positive and upbeat attitude. Listen to their problem, look them in the eyes when they talk to you, and pay attention to what they are saying. Also, don’t forget to introduce new members to your teammates and to other members near you, so they can feel more comfortable.

All your club’s employees should have t-shirts with your brand and a name tag so that members know exactly with whom to talk when they have an issue.

Give your members your undivided attention

No matter the situation, you must always maintain eye contact with the members that are talking to you and show you are interested in what they have to say. If they have a problem that needs fixing, write a few details about it on a post-it or a notebook, even if you are certain you’ll remember the details later.

The fact that you take notes about their problem will show them you care about their problems and you intend on helping them.

Member app

Be friendly and empathetic

One of the main reasons members drop out is the staff’s cold and indifferent attitude towards them. Therefore, make sure all members are greeted warmly when they visit the club and show them you are happy to see them. No matter how busy you are at the front desk or how difficult your day is, make eye contact and give a warm greeting to every person that steps through the door.

Try to get to know as many of your members as possible. So they know you care about them and their time at your club. If your members think their presence is irrelevant to you, they will search for a gym where they feel more welcomed.

You don’t have to have long and heartfelt conversations with every one of your members. But you can ask them if they are happy with your services and your gym in general, or you can compliment them on how often they work out. You can recommend a group X class or invite them to an event you are hosting.

Another helpful trick is introducing members between them to help them make friends at your gym. That way, they integrate easier into your community, and those that are still getting used to going to the gym can do so faster if they have a buddy to help them.

Of course, don’t forget to say goodbye to all members leaving the gym.

Work on your phone speaking skills

Ensure you answer the phone at the reception desk as soon as it rings, and you have a well-rehearsed greeting message. It doesn’t have to be too long, but it’s important to say hello, the name of the club, and the name of the person answering the phone. These small gestures will help members feel more at ease and talk more openly with you in a friendly manner.

If your gym is having a problem or a situation that is annoying for members, make sure you know exactly what to say about it, or at least you have some information that you can give them. That way, it will be easier for you to answer calls. This strategy is even more useful when more than one person is answering the phone. That way, you are sure every member receives the same information.

Keep your promises

If you’ve made a promise to a member, you must keep it. At the same time, it’s essential to be honest with your clients, even if that means you have to tell them you can solve their problems. Don’t promise that you’ll take care of it and then ignore it. This attitude will disappoint your members, and chances are they might look for a different gym.

Don’t forget to also confirm with members that you have fixed the situation before they ask for an update. Take every request seriously, no matter how ridiculous, and show clients you are paying attention. If it’s a serious matter that disturbed the member, take the initiative, and offer them a small compensation for their trouble. It doesn’t have to be something of high value. You can give them a free day pass for a friend or a couple of days extra to their membership.

Pay attention to details

They say success is in the details, and for good reasons. It makes no difference how modern your equipment is or how great your trainers are if when members visit your club, they find a cluttered front desk or a dirty locker room. Pay attention to the small details, from your staff’s uniform to how the reception desk looks.

Constantly check your locker rooms and equipment and make sure they look their best. Put a bowl with fruits at the reception desk and encourage members to have one, or a container with hair bands for your female members. These are not expensive things, but they can significantly impact members’ experience.

Create magic moments

Any moment has the potential of magic. If you want to make sure that member experience is incredible every time, you must create these magic moments. Do your best to simplify your members’ life when they visit your club, whether it’s automated services that don’t take too long or moments when you surprise them with something nice. That could be a “Happy birthday!” message when they visit the gym on their birthday or a cute message on their name day.

Surprise the most loyal members with small gifts like a t-shirt with your gym’s logo or a guest pass for a friend. Organize special activities or new croup classes for your members or invite a trainer to talk to them about nutrition and workouts.

Exceed your members’ expectations, and you will inspire them to attend more activities and visit the club more often. Only then you’ll be able to forge a strong relationship with your member base.

An incredible member experience will encourage them to visit your gym more and more and, of course, to constantly renew their membership. You don’t have to invest considerable amounts in equipment and gadgets. If your staff makes sure members are always happy at your club, your retention rate will surely increase on its own.


Mihaela is the most sociable member of the UPfit team and loves to learn new things from people. That is why she chose a career in customer support. However, she thinks this activity should be more than just an answer to a problem. Instead, it should foresee any challenge the client might be facing. That is precisely why she likes to think of herself as a customer care specialist and not just customer support. And that is exactly why she is the favorite of all our clients.

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