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General mobile app versus white-label: what should you pick for your gym

General mobile app versus white-label: what should you pick for your gym
Written by ALEX Published on 2020-08-24 5 minutes read

One of the most popular features of the platform is the mobile app for members. The popularity of mobile apps has grown tremendously in recent years, so much that users have become accustomed to having an app for everything. And gyms have a lot to gain by providing members with a dedicated app.

In addition to helping you stand out from the competition with state-of-the-art services, the app gives members even more control over their gym activity. That means they don't waste any more time on the phone or waiting at the front desk for anything. But, of course, neither do your employees spend hours every day with membership renewals, class booking lists, and phone calls for any minor detail.

These are just some of the benefits that persuade our customers to invest in a mobile app. Instead, all the customers interested in this feature ask us the same question - which is the right choice for my gym: the general mobile app or the white-label app? Since we offer both options, this decision is based on needs and budgets. If you're also wondering the same question, here are the differences between the two types of apps.

What is a general mobile app?

For fitness centers, a general mobile app is a unique app that several gyms use, but without the members of one club having access to the features and information of other clubs.

More specifically, the general member's app that we are developing is

Members download this app from the Store, and the first time they open it, they fill in the unique code of the gym where they own membership at. Then, after confirming that they have accessed the correct gym, they fill in their login details for their account (email address and a pin code they received when they joined the club). Thus, the member accesses the features of their gym and uses the app as usual.

Also, after entering the gym code, those who wish can create a new member account and purchase a membership at that gym.

This unique code for each gym is only entered the first time the app is opened after being downloaded. Afterward, all members have to do, is log in with their email address and pin code.

Once the member enters the gym code, the app's skin will correspond with the branding of the respective gym. More precisely, it will display the gym's logo on the dashboard and will use images and colors specific to the gym's brand. app

What is a white-label mobile app?

The white-label mobile app is a unique app for the fitness club. That means the app has the gymțs name and icon in the Store.

Members don't have to enter a unique code but simply log in using the email address and the pin code. Potential customers can also create a member's account and purchase a membership immediately after downloading the app.

Of course, only members of the gym who purchased that app can use it.

The app's design is similar to the gym's branding, bot on its Store page, and the actual app.

member app

The pros for a general app

The best reason to choose a general app for your gym is the cost. For, the price is significantly lower than that of the white-label app.

Also, since the app already exists in the Store, it can be used almost immediately. Our team simply configures the app with your gym's branding, and your members can use it immediately.

We are constantly updating the app, and all users receive the latest features, depending on additional modules. Therefore, the gym does not have to pay extra for the updates regarding the modules already purchased. Also included in the cost of the app is maintenance, meaning that our team takes care of any technical issues that may arise.

Member app

The cons for a general app

The main reason why most of our customers are reluctant to choose a general app is that it does not bear the name and logo of the gym. This can be confusing for members, and they may not realize that the app is related to their gym.

One way to solve this problem is effective and constant communication with members. More specifically, posters can be placed in the gym, at the front desk, in the locker rooms, and in all training areas, with information regarding the app, including the activation code.

You can also send emails and post about it on social media.

The pros for a white-label app

The most important reason why a gym wants to invest in a white-label app is that it bears its name and branding.

Thus, members only have to search for the app in the Store by the name of the gym, and they log in with the account info that they automatically receive by email when they become members. The whole flow is simpler, and the gym doesn't have to explain to members how the app works. Although it is essential to promote the app everywhere, especially if you invest in a white-label one.

Another reason why gyms choose a white-label mobile app from UPfit is that we also take care of the configuration and upload it to our Store accounts.

In addition, all white-label apps receive the same free updates as the app, depending on the account modules. Any problem related to the proper functioning of the app is also solved by our team at no additional cost.

The cons for a white-label app

The higher cost of a white-label app is the main reason why most of our customers prefer The app also needs to be set up from scratch and published in the Store, which means it takes a little longer to become available to members.

White-label apps have a similar design to and exactly the same features, so there aren't many differences in usage..

A quick catch-up...

Mobile apps are very useful to both members and employees alike. Because it offers members the option to perform many tasks by themselves without calling the front desk, thus eliminating a lot of admin work for your employees. offers two types of apps for members, and the question we receive most often from customers is - which one should I choose.

Generally, we suggest clubs with no more than four locations choose the general app,, because it has a lower cost. However, for larger chains with multiple locations, for which branding and brand awareness is important, a white-label app is more appropriate because it integrates seamlessly with the services it already offers and maintains the brand line.


Alex is deeply passionate about technology and the way digital solutions improve our daily lives. His passion has helped create ingenious digital tools that have revolutionized the fitness industry in Romania.

Fitness Business Romania
Fitness Business Romania

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