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How to convince members to use the client portal on your fitness gym website

How to convince members to use the client portal on your fitness gym website
Written by ALEXANDRA Published on 2023-05-11 7 minutes read

A member portal is a powerful tool for both your fitness gym and its members.

On one hand, such a digital solution can replace a large part of the activities of your reception and sales teams. This means lower costs for you, as an operator, and more time for employees who can better serve the members instead of being caught up with administrative tasks.

On the other hand, an online account can save members a lot of phone calls and trips to the gym just to resolve various administrative issues. Since their entire gym activity can be managed online, they can do this anytime, anywhere, without depending on the gym's operating hours or the availability of the reception.

Therefore, a member portal is a smart investment from many points of view.

But, what happens if, after you've invested in this solution and implemented it, you find that members are still coming or calling the reception for everything and not using their member account?

Firstly, you must ensure that your gym members are aware of the portal. After all, this service cannot be used if nobody knows about its existence. So, make sure you promote the online account through all means available and educate members to use it. You'll see that once customers get used to this portal, they won't want to call the reception anymore.

Draw attention to the gym's website

The member portal is added to the gym's website through a button or a text link. But that's not enough. All pages of the website should advertise this account, or the access button should be in the menu, easy to identify.

Use a distinct color for the Log in / Become a member button and add at least one ad on the first page of the website.

It's essential that when a member or potential client lands on the homepage, this service is the first thing they notice. Especially for potential customers, if you want them to buy a membership on the spot.

Promote it on social media

When I say to promote the member account on social media, I don't mean just one post and that's it.

If you didn't already know, only a small percentage of your page fans actually see your posts and never all of them. Therefore, repetition really is the mother of learning in this case. Whether you post about a class, a service or a membership offer, add the portal link in the description.

Don't forget about the button under the cover photo, where you can configure it with the account link.

Encourage members to reserve their spot in classes or buy a membership from the online member account and they'll soon get used to using it

Run dedicated ads

If you haven't tried it so far, the online member account is the perfect reason to start running paid ads for your fitness gym. The simplest method is on Facebook, but you can also try Google.

Regardless of how you build the campaign, don't forget to insert the portal link in the description.

With this service, the difference between ads is "Come to the gym to take advantage of the super offer" and "Take advantage of the super offer now. Click here!".

As you probably guessed already, the second option has many more chances of conversion because it offers a real action that potential customers can do on the spot. Instead, if they have to go to the gym to buy a membership, they'll have countless chances to change their mind before they get to you.

Promote the service in the gym

Your fitness gym is the best place to promote your services, especially the online ones. The member account is largely dedicated to members and where are most members? At the gym!

Therefore, make as many different posters as possible, of various shapes and colors, and stick them everywhere, from the reception to the gym area and aerobic studios, to bathrooms and locker rooms. Wherever members spend most of their time, there should be at least one poster drawing attention.

If you don't have a big budget for this, my advice is to make smaller A5 size posters, with adhesive, and stick them on the locker room doors.

The reception team can also play a significant role here. All they need to do is remind members of the existence of this option, especially those who call or come to reception to make reservations, buy a membership or any other operation that can be done online.

This way, the message is organically transmitted and is genuinely useful information for the member. If they can't access the account, the reception can assist them.

Send emails

Even if you don't communicate too often with members via email, the launch of the portal is a valid reason to send them at least one email.

Explain in detail what the online member account means, how to access it, and how members can log in.

If you feel that the first email wasn't read much, you can send another one to remind them of the newest service, approximately two weeks after you sent the first one.

If you also send automatic emails, such as booking confirmations or membership purchases, include a paragraph about this service in all templates. That way, the message will certainly reach more members.

Online member account

Promote it offline

Just because it's an online service doesn't mean it can't be promoted offline. Especially if you're already running outdoor campaigns.

If you distribute flyers with ads for your fitness gym, add the portal link or at least the information that interested parties can become members online directly on the gym's website.

If you want to make everything even simpler for potential customers, add a QR code to the flyer that opens directly to the registration page. I doubt that anyone who receives that flyer won't know how to scan the code or won't have a phone with internet access with them.

You can do the same with large posters and billboards. Don't forget about ads in print media, in magazines, or other mediums. All should contain the message that interested parties can register online, on the gym's website, very simply, easily, and quickly.

A quick catch-up...

The member portal is a very useful tool not just for members, but also for you and your team. As long as members use it, the online account will quickly change your employees' activity and they will have more free time for the rest of the operations that can't be automated.

On the other hand, the member experience will be top-notch, even outside the club. Members know they can interact with your fitness gym online whenever they need to. Thus, the services you offer will easily stand out from the rest of the competition.

In addition to investing in this tool, it's important to promote this service as often and efficiently as possible so that it's used by as many members as possible. Only then will you see the extraordinary benefits of the member portal.



Alexandra loves researching and writing about the fitness industry and the latest technological developments. She always knows what the latest online trends and challenges are and where to find the best memes.

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