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What is an online member account and how you can use it

What is an online member account and how you can use it
Written by MIHAI Published on 2023-05-15 7 minutes read

An online member account or a member portal is essentially a mini-website exclusively dedicated to the members of your fitness gym.

Typically, this portal is linked to the fitness gym's website, being the place where members manage their entire gym activity, and those interested can become members on the spot.

Although it might sound complicated, I assure you it's not.

From a member's perspective, this portal is actually a button on the gym's website that, when pressed, opens the online account where they have access to loads of information, from class schedules and their reservations, to their current membership, purchased services, and activity history.

Of course, this information is only displayed to the member since they have to log into their account to view this information.

How an online member account works

As I mentioned above, the portal is a button on your site. Like any online platform, the member needs to log in with their email address and a password.

These details are synchronized with the management software, where all information about the member is stored. Therefore, based on the email address and password, the system identifies the member profile from the management software and displays the data from there.

Once logged in, the member can view the class schedule and make reservations; see the reservation history; what membership they have and when it expires; what other services they've purchased; all their gym entries; PT sessions they've attended and lots of other useful information.

Also, through the online member account, memberships and services can be purchased with online payment.

Usually, this account is also linked and synchronized with the management software, which means it is a service provided by the software supplier.

For example, also offers an online member account, synchronized in real time with the management platform. You can find more details about this here >>

The portal already has a predefined set of sections, depending on the functionalities of the management software you've purchased, and does not need to be created from scratch.

Therefore, it is a turnkey solution that does not require effort on the part of the fitness club manager.

portal membri sala fitness

What an online member account looks like

Since it's a turnkey solution with predefined sections, you certainly won't have many options when it comes to customization.

However, you should be able to insert your fitness gym's logo and at least a few elements from the gym's branding, so that it matches your website, and your members know immediately who owns that portal.

If the portal doesn't have a few elements from the club's branding, members will be hesitant to use it. Especially when it comes to buying something online.
How to integrate a member portal into the website

Depending on the provider, this account can take various forms.

The simplest solution, which we also use at, is a dedicated link. More precisely, our team does all the initial settings, including customizing the portal, and the client receives a link that opens that member account.

Then it's up to the club how they use that link. Our suggestion is for that link to be inserted on a button in the website menu, which is easily noticeable and says "Log in".

Since this portal also allows the registration of new members, it would be good for the registration link to be placed on a similar button that says "Become a member" or "Sign up".

Thus, existing members who want to check their account have their own link and button, and those who want to purchase a membership for the first time have their own flow, where they choose the type of membership, fill in some personal details based on which their member profile is created in the system, and then pay for the membership, online, with a bank card.

In the end, new members will have their own online account where they can log in. And when they first come to the gym, they already have a profile and an active membership, so the staff at the reception desk doesn’t have to do anything.

What you can do with an online member account

The online member account is very useful, both for improving the experience of existing members and consequently increasing the retention rate, and for attracting new members more easily.

Apart from the obvious functionalities it offers to your gym's website, this portal is an excellent tool for promoting the club and, above all, for increasing sales.

On the gym's website

Your gym members have all the information they need in one place, from the class schedule and details about the club, to specific information for them, such as the history of classes they have attended, gym entries, scheduled sessions with the personal trainer, services included in the purchased membership, and the expiry date.

Since members can book their place in classes, freeze their membership, and access all the information they need, they won't have to call the reception desk and make it crowded. Members have access to any detail, anytime they want.

Besides the link to the online member account, your gym's website should have as many ads as possible for the option to become a member or to buy a membership online. Therefore, every page on the site should have at least one ad for memberships that can be purchased online, with a link, of course, to the section of the portal where this can be done.

The same applies to additional services. If you sell online packages with PT sessions, massage sessions, access to the SPA area, or any other additional services, promote this everywhere on the gym's website, with a link to the section of the portal where those services can be purchased.

Online member account

On the Facebook Page

Since anyone can buy a membership to your gym online just by accessing a link, it is essential to promote that link everywhere. Including on the gym's Facebook page.

Don't forget about the button below the cover photo, which you can set with this link.

When you have various offers, don't forget to add the link where the memberships on offer can be bought, in the post. This way, if someone is interested in your offer, they can immediately access the link and buy the membership.

On Instagram

Instagram also offers the possibility to add a link to your bio. That is the perfect place to add the link to your online member account. Especially if you have various offers and you are promoting them through Instagram posts or stories.

On Google My Business

Your Google My Business page should also contain the link to your online member account. When someone searches for your gym and finds your page, they should be able to easily see the link and access your online portal.

In email campaigns

When you send out email newsletters or any other type of communication, don't forget to include the link to your online member account. This way, if someone is interested in what you're offering, they can easily access your portal and make a purchase.

Overall, an online member account can help to streamline the process of managing your gym's members. It provides members with a convenient and efficient way to manage their memberships and it provides your gym with a tool to easily track and manage memberships. Remember, the easier it is for your members to manage their memberships, the more likely they are to continue being members


Mihai loves discovering the latest technologies, apps, and wearables. He spends his time developing our mobile apps and trying to craft new features that will create the best member experience for our clients.

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