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Motivating your gym staff

Motivating your gym staff
Written by GEORGE Published on 2023-04-25 3 minutes read

How do you get your team to excel? As a manager or fitness operator, surely you hire people who can work in a team and represent your club professionally.

However, I’m sure not everyone performs at their very best 24/7. Not necessarily because they don’t know how to do things better, but because they are not motivated enough.

Depending on how you manage your team, you might think the easiest way is to replace them or just undertake some of their tasks yourself. However, as much as you’d like to do everything yourself, that is impossible. Similarly, you cannot find the ideal employee that will do everything well from the first try, no matter how much you search for them.

So, how to motivate your team?

I assume one of the answers to this question would be additional financial compensation. A salary increase or a sales percentile is indeed an excellent way to compensate and motivate an employee in any area. However, if the work environment is not exciting and enjoyable, these financial rewards might not work.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t want an employee that only comes to work for the money, without any other interest in your gym.

Moreover, it’s not enough to have only one or two people you can rely on, and the rest are just filling in. It’s not right for those you always count on nor those who might want other responsibilities but don’t know how to fulfil them.

Ask for feedback

My advice is to start by listening to your entire team. If you don’t talk to your people and get their feedback, they likely won’t be interested in doing excellent work that they are proud of either.

In addition, employees who feel their opinion is valued and considered are more likely to find solutions to problems and actively get involved in the business. Create an inclusive work culture, where everyone knows they have a specific role and purpose, and you’ll see how your team’s attitude will improve.

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Provide freedom to make decisions

Another way to motivate your team is to… leave it alone. I know it might sound strange, but if you are the kind of manager always hoovering and checking everything, down to the last detail, your team probably thinks they cannot do anything without your go-ahead. That’s why they probably have no initiative. Trust your people and give them the liberty to make decisions on their own. That doesn’t mean you should not keep in touch with them, communicate and help them when they need it.

Be a good example

As a manager, part of your job is to be an excellent role model for your team. If you don’t finish your tasks on time, why would your team? Be a positive example and take time to talk with each team member. That way, you can easily find out the issues and why things don’t go as planned. Then you’ll know exactly what needs to be changed.

Make your staff proud of be working with you

Bear in mind that your team is the face of your fitness club. I’m sure you cannot meet with every single one of your members. However, your team does this constantly.

That is why your people must be confident and proud of the club they work at. That way, they will instill these feelings in the members they talk to.

It’s one thing to fulfil your responsibilities only as it’s necessary just to receive your salary, and another to be delighted by the club where you work. The atmosphere your team will create will be much more sincere for members.

It’s not complicated to make your team happy at work, and it doesn’t necessarily involve a salary increase. Talk to your people, make sure their work is not hindered and their problems are heard and considered. Make yourself available for them whenever they have something to talk about.

Spend time with your employees from all departments and try to create a friendly and trustful environment. This way, you won’t be nervous when you go on holiday, and you won’t have to be present at the club 24/7.


George works in the fitness industry for over 12 years, during which he combined his advanced IT skills with the ability to solve problems with ingenious tech solutions. As a result, he has become very familiar with the challenges that occur during gyms' daily tasks and their solutions. His experience always takes shape into practical features for our platform

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Fitness Business Romania

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