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Efficiency in running networks of gyms

We crafted an all-in-one platform, custom-made for powerhouse health & fitness chains, designed to help your teams develop as many successful gyms as possible.


Smartfit Timisoara
4Moving Craiova
World Class Romania
Stay Fit Gym
Belaqva Brasov
FIT4U Oradea

What type of gyms get the best of BIZ?

If you have a network of over 10 health & fitness clubs and you intend on offering your members a remarkable experience, then you need the BIZ price plan. This management software provides sophisticated features meant to help you sell products more efficiently, set up massive marketing and sales campaigns and provide your members with the possibility of managing their entire activity on their own.

What will you get with the BIZ price plan?

It’s essential that all your clubs’ operations are handled efficiently and seamlessly. Now you have all the tools you need in one software, and you can run all the clubs in your network, no matter how many they are. This is your chance to revamp your gyms in proper fitness & wellness centers, with the latest generation features and automated systems, no matter where your clubs are located.

These are only a few of the many
reasons gyms love - the mobile app for your members

Transform your gym into a state-of-the-art business with a dedicated mobile app. With you save the time and money required to develop an app independently.
With, members have instant access to the fitness class schedule, they can make bookings to their favourite classes, they can cancel bookings, and renew their membership. The mobile app is also the most efficient way to communicate with members while providing them with the option of managing their gym activity.

Aplicație mobil gratuită pentru membri BIZ
the platform chosen by World Class,
the leading health & fitness chain in Romania

When World Class expanded its fitness club network in Romania, it had many challenges to overcome. With its advanced features. BIZ helped optimize and improve World Class’ services.

Online scheduling for Group Fitness classes, the possibility of purchasing memberships online, effortless access to contracts and bills, the possibility of checking every detail of their membership at any given time – all these features helped World Class clubs and gave their members more control over their activities.









Easy website integration, without any headaches

You can embed into your website, even if you are not an expert at coding.

Our clients’ praises

With we succeeded to set up our Group Fitness schedule, and our members are delighted with how simple and easy it is to book a class, straight from our website. The reception desk runs smoothly, and our entire team is very pleased with this software.

We started using this platform when we opened our third club in the 4Moving network. Our new location was quickly embedded in the system, and our teams are successfully using all’s tools that help them manage our gyms. Our members are elated with the quality of our services provided by

The BIZ price plan starts from 510 euro + VAT / gym / month

This price includes all modules, equipment, and features described above. We work with open-ended contracts which means you can terminate the contract at any time.

The BIZ price plan includes many extra benefits

Magnetic card reader

So you can check-in members a lot faster.


For member photos.

User manual

To comprehend the main features of the platform.

Free setup

We help your team to learn how to use the software.

Account manager

A dedicated account manager tasked with answering to all your requests by email, phone or software tickets, in no longer than 2 hours from the time you sent the request.

Free monthly updates

Every month we add new features to the software, at no extra cost.


We evaluate all your operational challenges and craft a custom UPfit version perfect for your gyms.

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You are not sure if the BIZ plan is the right choice for your gym?

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