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Improve your gym’s activity.

All the tools you need to develop your business without any hassle.


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What type of gyms get the best of LITE?

If you have several gyms, with a sizeable member database, which you want to manage a lot easier, then you need the LITE price plan. Your team will also get a wide array of features and modules specifically designed to help streamline their activity and provide better services to your members.

What will you get with the LITE price plan?

The LITE price plan provides all the tools you need to expand your business. With this software, you can sell products in your gyms, manage extra services and facilities, like SPA and massage services, or renting out tennis and squash courts. We also help you spoil your members with an unforgettable experience at your gyms.

+ 2 magnetic card readers for each club
+ 2 webcams for each club + magnetic staff card for each club
+ excellent support through technical support tickets that you can send directly from the software
+ 30-day free trial + user manual + free monthly updates



These are only a few of the many
reasons gyms love

Easy website integration, without any headaches

You can embed into your website, even if you are not an expert at coding.

Our clients’ praises

With we succeeded to set up our Group Fitness schedule, and our members are delighted with how simple and easy it is to book a class, straight from our website. The reception desk runs smoothly, and our entire team is very pleased with this software.

We started using this platform when we opened our third club in the 4Moving network. Our new location was quickly embedded in the system, and our teams are successfully using all’s tools that help them manage our gyms. Our members are elated with the quality of our services provided by

The LITE price plan is 255 euro + TVA / club / lună

This price includes all modules, equipment, and features described above. We work with open-ended contracts which means you can terminate the contract at any time.

The LITE price plan includes many extra benefits

Magnetic card reader

So you can check-in members a lot faster.


For member photos.

User manual

To comprehend the main features of the platform.

Free setup

The initial setup and data import are on the house. You don’t have to pay extra fees.

Fast support,
straight from UPfit

We’ll get back to you in no longer than 24 hours (Monday to Friday) from the time you send the request.

Free monthly updates

Every month we add new features to the software, at no extra cost.

Haven’t we convinced you yet?
Oh dear! Then how about you try UPfit for free for 30 days and get back to us then?

To accurately understand how can help you expand your business, you should see it in action. Try it for free right now!

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