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6 benefits of the automated email system provided by

6 benefits of the automated email system provided by
Written by ALEX Published on 2020-08-10 6 minutes read

One of the biggest challenges for fitness operators everywhere is to create a strong relationship with all members. That means it's not enough to purchase the best equipment in the gym. You also have to invest in an excellent experience for each person who bought a gym membership.

Unfortunately, this is a difficult task when you have thousands or tens of thousands of members. It is impossible to constantly keep in touch with every one of them and remember their preferences, to provide information relevant to them.

This is where automation and artificial intelligence comes into play. I know these buzzwords sound like a Sci-Fi movie. Still, they are real tools that more and more businesses use with great success to ensure a delightful experience for clients and members, without massive investments in human resources.

Of course, these also happen to be among the most popular features of our gym management software.

What are's automated emails

Automated emails are emails sent... automatically, by a system, based on a template, in specific contexts.

For instance, sends an automated email to all members who booked a group fitness class, when the gym changes it (e.g., the start date or the instructor). The email content is a template, where the system replaces keywords with the member name, the name of the class, its date and time, and other relevant information.

These emails are meant to provide essential and relevant information to members without having an employee keep track of every action performed by each member. The system sends these emails automatically, no matter the time, and the gym employees don't have to do anything. What is more, all emails sent are saved in the database, to keep track and check all member communications.

Of course, there are many scenarios in which sends automated emails. From booking confirmations and PT scheduling to reminders regarding membership expiration. All these emails are triggered by something a member does or doesn't - they booked a class online, their membership is about to expire, and so on.

Strengthen your relationship with members

Automated emails are proved to be very helpful in fostering a strong relationship with members and gaining their loyalty. Just by the simple fact that your gym keeps in touch with them regularly creates a fantastic experience for them because they feel that they are important for you and your business.

Automated emails can be used in various ways, not just to confirm certain actions. For instance, the system can send congratulatory emails to members whose birthday is on the current day.

All these small actions can create a unique experience for members, and they'll be happy to be part of your community.
Create an onboarding scenario that doesn't depend on your employees

Member onboarding is a crucial element for retention, and many gyms have severe problems in creating an efficient strategy. That is mostly because they have to rely on their employees, and many times, they don't have sufficient time to cater to every member.

However, with automated emails, new members can receive all the information they need about your gym and services directly in their Inbox. Each new member can receive one or more automated emails with details about your gym's services, the class schedule, and bylaws.

Depending on their activity, if they used their membership or not during the first few weeks, the system can send reminders about your gym and the benefits of having an active lifestyle.

That way, the new members will ease into the gym routine and won't feel intimidated by trainers, and other extremely fit members. Depending on the classes the member attends, the system can suggest similar ones.

Members have access to all the info they need

If members are used to receiving all the information they need via email, they will not feel the need to call or form long queues at the front desk only to ask when their class starts.

With's automated email system, they know they will always receive all the details they need, and that if anything changes, they will be notified promptly.

Email is one of the most efficient and direct methods of communication. You are confident that members that need to know a particular fact will be automatically notified as soon as you make any changes.

You can post updates on your webpage, social media, or at your gym, but the chances are that many of those interested will miss it.

Save time and resources

One of the most significant benefits of automation is that it helps you save a lot of time and resources. Automated emails are the best example of this.'s automated email system replaces the effort to send confirmations to all members who book a class or contact members anytime you make the smallest change to the schedule. Trainers no longer need to confirm with their clients each PT session, and no employee has the unpleasant task of checking the database to identify and contact each expiring member. sends automated emails even to gym employees, so they have on hand all the info they need and be in the know about any change. This way, you can send automated emails to new employees with operational details they should know and how to use the management platform. Trainers can receive emails every time someone books a PT session with them, and so on.

Increase your gym's retention rate

How many times the following thing happened to you: members let their membership expire, and the didn't return to the gym, or they wanted to check-in only to find out their membership expired the day before? Automated emails that are sent at specific intervals can easily persuade members to renew their membership and therefore increase your retention rate, effortlessly.

This type of email is even more efficient if you combine them with a voucher system, like discount codes. That way, members can receive a discount code, several days before their membership expires. The code can only be used once, for a limited time.

Also, an online payment system, connected to the automated emails can ensure a higher retention rate, since members receive a reminder about their membership expiring and a link where they can renew it on the spot. And they won't have to visit the gym just for this.

Online payments

Increase class attendance rate

Group fitness classes or group workouts are among the most beloved gym services that attract many members. How many of your members joined the gym only for your classes? Surely when the most popular classes are about to start, the number of members showing up increases exponentially. And therefore, they are harder to manage. And if they don't get a spot to their favorite class, they will be unhappy and less inclined to return.

All these issues can easily be fixed with's class booking system integrated with automated emails.

Members can book classes online, and they are sure their spot is reserved. Immediately after booking, they receive a confirmation email, and if you make any change to that class, they will receive an email with all the updates. If they can no longer show up to class, they can cancel their booking and receive a confirmation for that as well. If they don't show up to a booked class and receive a penalty, they will be notified about that.

All these details are handy for members, and they encourage them to attend classes since the entire process is easy to follow and ensures class access no matter what.

A quick catch up... has a sophisticated automated email system based on artificial intelligence. That way, the software can send different types of emails, depending on member activity. That way, you can enhance the member experience and provide all the information they need to visit your gym as often as possible and renew their membership.

The solution we offer is directly integrated with a voucher system based on discount codes that you can use to provide discounts to expiring members in specific contexts. With the online payment system, you can ensure that members receive a reminder about their membership lapsing and a link where they can renew it online on the spot.

With the online booking system, automated emails create a user-friendly process of class attendance, which means members will be more interested in attending their favorite fitness classes because they are sure their spot is reserved.

Automated emails allow you to create diverse scenarios that can craft an excellent member experience, from the moment they join your gym. Moreover, this system can also be used to communicate with your staff, allowing you to preserve confidentiality and ensure your employees have all the information they need on time.


Alex is deeply passionate about technology and the way digital solutions improve our daily lives. His passion has helped create ingenious digital tools that have revolutionized the fitness industry in Romania.

Fitness Business Romania
Fitness Business Romania

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