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Why should you invest in a mobile app for your gym

Why should you invest in a mobile app for your gym
Written by MIHAI Published on 2020-08-06 6 minutes read

People spend more and more time on their phones, not just for entertainment. They use their phone for everything ranging from financial tasks to aspects regarding their job. Everything is online, and everything is mobile. Globally, more than 5.19 billion people now use mobile phones, with user numbers up by 124 million (2.4%) over the past year. Then why shouldn't your gym be present in this area as well? 

Technology and fitness go hand in hand. from training gadgets to gym machine integrations or management platforms. A mobile app for your gym is the next logical step to expand your business and recruit new members easier.

If you have a dedicated digital solution to manage your business, members' activity should also be managed with a digital solution..

 Here are some of the main reasons you should consider investing in a mobile app for your fitness center.

To recruit new members

One of the main reasons people don't go to the gym is the fear of being judged by others there, and because they don't know how to start training. When they finally decide to join a gym for the first time, they must undergo a lengthy process to register. Maybe you provide free orientations for new members or people interested in joining.

That is a great idea, but it doesn't always work. What if something unplanned happens during the tour or maybe the potential member feels intimidated by your trainers that probably are in excellent shape. All these aspects can be reasons for someone to change their minds and not join your gym..

However, a mobile app can provide all the information they need in the comfort of their home. With photos and videos, you can create a fantastic image for your fitness center, and this content can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

What is more, a mobile app can provide people a simple way to self-register online using their phones. That means a potential client can create their member account and purchase a membership on the spot. They can do this at any given time, without having to visit the gym. The new members can automatically receive a welcome email in which you explain everything he should know about your facility and advice on how to start working out. That means your onboarding process is almost done.

To improve your current members' experience

Mobile apps are convenient for everyone, and they can replace many tasks. For instance, the most useful feature of our mobile app is the digital member card. The mobile app can generate a QR code that members can scan at the reception desk, instead of the regular plastic card. That way, members don't have to worry about forgetting their card at home, because they always have it on their phone.

Another useful feature is the class schedule. Members have access to the updated class schedule, whenever they need it, and they don't have to continually check your Facebook page or the postings at the front desk. The app can also be to renew their memberships or to purchase additional services. Because this option is always on hand, members will be more inclined to take this step, if they don't have to visit the gym just for that.

The fact that members have all these features on hand, directly on their phone, and don't have to rely on your front desk, available during particular hours, will considerably improve the member experience..

To communicate with members easier

The mobile app is a very efficient communication channel that ensures that your news reaches the right target. You can publish blog posts, information on your special offers, and any other content you think might be useful for them.

Even if your gym's website has a blog or regularly post on your Facebook and Instagram page, all these channels are public, which means anyone has access to them, even non-members. However, articles with advice on nutrition, exercises, and workouts published in the app are only available to members, making them feel special.

What is more, this feature is also a direct marketing channel that doesn't depend on how often Facebook displays your posts in the news feed or if your members remember to check your website. This way, you can promote your promotions and services so much better without investing in ads.

To send members notifications straight to their phones

One of the most useful features of any app is that it allows sending push notifications to users. That means, if you need to notify your members about something important, you can do this using the app. That way, you are sure most members know what is going on.

Do you have to close the gym earlier, or you are running a great deal on memberships, or maybe you are hosting an event at the gym? Ensure all your members find out about this instantly by sending them a push notification through the app.

These notifications can also be automated, depending on the circumstances. Members can be notified when their membership is about to expire, when a booked class is about to start or when bookings are open for their favorite class.

All these notifications are handy for members, so you can easily convince them to enable the app notification feature on their phone. What is more, these messages are sent directly to the person interested in it, so you won't have to rely on Facebook posts that may or may not show up in your members' feed, or on posters in the gym, that usually go unnoticed.

For easier class bookings

One of the main reasons to invest in a mobile app for your members is to provide them with the option to book their favorite classes themselves. Members must have access to the live class schedule, but it is even more critical to make reservations to fitness classes. That means their spot is guaranteed no matter how crowded the gym is.

Of course, members can book classes at the front desk too. But that means your team will have to be on the phone all the time for these tasks, instead of focusing on the members that are actually in the gym. What is more, members can only book classes at the reception desk when the gym is opened. . 

But, when they have this option literally in their pocket, members can plan their activity at the gym on their own, whenever they want.

Member app

To get ahead of your competition

The fitness industry is notoriously competitive and for a good reason. On a market with hundreds or even thousands of fitness centers in the same city that offer the same modern equipment, fun classes, and professional trainers, it isn't easy to stand out, especially when all your prices are similar.

Digital services like access to a dedicated mobile app can move the needle in your favor faster than any fancy machine in the gym, that is unknown to most people. Additionally, the mobile app is part of your gym's first impressoin for a potential client, and it's available non-stop.

Digital services like access to a dedicated mobile app can move the needle in your favor faster than any fancy machine in the gym, that is unknown to most people. Additionally, the mobile app is part of your gym's first impression for a potential client, and it's available non-stop.

A quick catch up...

A mobile app for your gym is a smart investment because it will instantly bring many benefits to your business. That's because it simultaneously fulfills several roles.

It can be a great sales agent, that works non-stop; a perfect representative for your gym that can provide all the information your members need; a direct communication and marketing channel that targets specifically your members; an intuitive platform where members can manage their activity on their own without overcrowding the front desk; and a useful tool to keep members engaged.


Mihai loves discovering the latest technologies, apps, and wearables. He spends his time developing our mobile apps and trying to craft new features that will create the best member experience for our clients.

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