European Health & Fitness Forum – the first hybrid edition of the EuropeActive event

European Health & Fitness Forum – the first hybrid edition of the EuropeActive event
Written by DANI Published on 2020-09-09 1 minutes read

This year's edition of the European Health & Fitness Forum (EHFF), which draws fitness industry leaders from all over Europe, will be in a hybrid format, where speakers will be on the stage in Koln, but the entire forum will be broadcast online. However, because of COVID-19 restrictions, the event will have a smaller audience live, and those who want to attend the conference can do so online.

This year's theme is not exactly a surprise –" Where do we go from here?" – the impact the pandemic is having on the fitness industry. The hybrid event will be moderated by Herman Rutgers, the co-founder of EuropeActive, and the main speaker will be Magnus Lindkvist, a specialist in trends and futurology.

Representatives of Deloitte, 4Global, and FitTech will also talk at the event. Also, the presidents of the largest chains of fitness clubs in Europe, PureGym, SATS, Anytime Fitness, and Basic-Fit International, will talk about how their companies survived the COVID crisis, gym shutdowns, and how they changed their business strategies for the future.

The forum will take place on September 30th in Koln. Those who wish to watch the live broadcast can register on the official website. The tickets are 50 euros, and EuropeActive members get a discount.You can register here.

As a EuropeActive member, will attend the 2020 EHFF.


Dani is the most active member of the UPfit team and loves participating in all sorts of sports competitions. He is also always in the know with everything fitness and sports-related, from digital solutions and gadgets to the latest workout styles.

Fitness Business Romania
Fitness Business Romania

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